Aluminium Sliding Window Handle: Something you Need to Know

October 21,2021

Aluminum sliding window handles play a very important role in window hardware accessories. So what is a window handle? What are the types of aluminum sliding window door and window handles? If you want to know the answer, you can read this article patiently.


What is the Aluminium Sliding Window Handle


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The aluminum sliding window handle is a device that is installed on the window sash and has the function of fastening after opening and closing. We can use it to control the opening and closing of doors and windows. For example, it is the steering wheel and remote control of doors and windows.


Most of the handles are made of aluminum alloy, copper, stainless steel, plexiglass, plastic and other materials. It can be produced in different shapes and sizes. In addition to having the necessary grip and meeting the corresponding physical properties, it also has a decorative decorative effect. Therefore, the material and shape of the sliding window handle are designed according to the architectural design requirements.


The Advantages of the Aluminium Sliding Window Handle


  • Diversified choices


There are three styles for the aluminum sliding window handle series. Each design combines fashion elements and exquisite beauty to highlight an extraordinary artistic experience. The handle colors are available in black, silver, and brown.


  • Safety performance


The combination of tamper-proof transmission shell and tamper-proof mute aluminum bar enables the opening and locking of the windows to be controlled only by the handle from the room. The traditional misunderstanding of relying on the handle to ensure the safety of life and property.


  • Aluminum sliding window handle lock experience


The clockwork sound of the aluminum sliding window handle makes opening the window a kind of enjoyment of life.


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The Types of the Aluminium Sliding Window Handle


  • Fork aluminum sliding window handle


Its working principle is: the U-shaped fork is stuck to the transmission rod or the transmission, and the up and down movement of the U-shaped fork is controlled by the rotation of the handle to drive the transmission rod (transmission) to work.


  • Square-axis aluminum sliding window handle


Its working principle is similar to that of a fork handle. The square shaft handle is to rotate the handle to match the transmission lock to complete the work


  • Double-sided aluminum sliding window handle


The working principle of the double-sided handle is basically the same as that of the square-axis handle, except that the double-sided opening/closing function is added. The double-sided handle is usually equipped with a lock. The length of the square shaft can usually be customized.


Aluminum sliding window handles are important hardware accessories related to window opening and closing, performance, and anti-theft. If you are looking for a aluminum sliding window handle exporter, we look forward to being your choice and will provide you with attentive service and high-quality products.