How to Choose Furniture Casters?

September 22,2022

If you want to make the best use of furniture casters, you still need to be able to consider many factors.


How to Choose Casement Window Hinges

September 06,2022

The hinge is the core accessory of the casement window. When no hinge support, the casement window hinge can support and position the sash.


Advantages of Aluminium Stair Railings

August 22,2022

Although the materials used for staircases are very varied, aluminium stair railings are still our first choice. Let's explore it together!


Common Failures and Solutions About Garage Rolling Shutter Door

August 06,2022

The following problems often occur during the use of the rolling door, such as control failure failure, the motor of the garage rolling door does not move, the hand zipper does not move, the motor vibration or noise, etc. This blog today will give you some solutions.


How to Properly Install Window Handles

July 23,2022

In the process of using the window, it is generally necessary to use the handle, so it must be installed. How to install the window handle correctly? let's discuss it together.


What Are the Specifications for Window Frame Fasteners?

July 11,2022

When the window frames are fixed, their tightness and thermal insulation are very demanding. At this time, casement windows can be used, but sliding windows cannot be used. When installing, be sure to take into account its wind pressure strength. If the width of the door opening is greater than 2100mm, the height of the fan is not more than 1500mm, and the width of the opening is not less than 600mm, then the sliding window cannot be used, and the casement window or the top-hung window should be used. When using a casement window, it should be opened inward, which is more appropriate and can improve the overall safety performance.


Classification of Rolling Shutter Doors

June 24,2022

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What Is the Function of Double-Headed Bolts

June 13,2022

A bolt is generally a screw with a larger diameter, while a double-headed bolt is a bolt with no head on either side. Double-headed bolts are also generally called double-headed studs, and double-headed bolts have threads at the head and tail end and a bare rod without a pattern in the middle. Double-head bolts are widely used, and they are generally used for foot bolts or for thicker connections that cannot be connected with ordinary bolts.


Key Points of Door and Window Handle Construction

May 23,2022

The installation of doors, windows and glass shall be carried out after the wall is completed by wet operation method and hardened. Doors and windows shall be installed by reserved opening method. Today, let's talk about the key points of door and window handle construction.


How to Maintain the Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows

May 09,2022

For most people, due to the lack of basic understanding and correct judgment of aluminum alloy door and window hardware, they are often overwhelmed when buying aluminum alloy door and window hardware accessories. In the doors and windows, hardware and accessories play a key role that cannot be ignored, and its quality is directly related to the service life and comprehensive quality of the doors and windows.