Characteristics of Aluminum Alloy Stair Handrails

November 24,2022

Because of its beautiful appearance, the aluminum alloy stair handrails are made of aluminum alloy and are well received by professionals at home and abroad. Compared with stainless steel and iron products, it is a good solution to the problems of rust, single color. It is the best choice for the construction of medium and high-end residential buildings at this stage. Now let's take a look at its characteristics.




Characteristics of aluminum alloy stair handrails


  • Lightweight: its weight is only one-third of iron, steel, and copper, but its hardness is several times of theirs. The lightweight aluminum alloy stair handrails are not only easy to handle but also cheaper to transport. They are now widely popular as commercial building materials.


  • Hard: The hardness of the aluminum profile can resist tension and greater impact. Its resistance is better than other traditional building materials.


  • Corrosion resistance: the surface of the aluminum alloy stair handrail is tightly attached with a hard aluminum oxide film, and after surface treatment such as painting or anodizing, its protection performance can be further enhanced. So it has strong corrosion resistance. It can be safely used in cities with air pollution or coastal areas with sea salt corrosion.


  • Exquisite and smooth surface: The unique advantages of aluminum can be applied to various surface polishing technologies, such as paint, powder coating, anodizing, and electrophoresis. The powder coating with the smoothest surface can prevent ultraviolet light and can maintain a bright luster for a long time without regular maintenance.


  • Beautiful appearance: linear appearance and soft colors can coordinate the surrounding landscape and integrate modern urban space and natural environment.


  • Practicability: After special processing, it forms a permanent protective film, which is smooth and flat, never rusts, is easy to clean, and does not need maintenance.