Classification of Garage Doors with Different Materials

January 07,2022

During house decoration, many owners will ignore the garage decoration and think about whether the garage decoration is not important. It is necessary to properly decorate the garage. Today, let's take a look at the materials of garage doors.


garage door


Copper garage door


The cracking of garage doors with aluminum alloy solid wood structures is inevitable because the characteristics of wood are affected by climate and humidity. Although cracking can be reduced by drying, painting, and other processes, it can not be completely avoided.


The copper garage door adopts the structure of wrapped copper sheet and filled polyurethane. These two materials are very stable and will not deform, so the maintenance is very convenient. Some use the copper sheet to replace the color steel plate on both sides of the polyurethane foam door panel, which has a simple and noble appearance and is suitable for the garage door of a high-end villa.


Solid wood garage door


The structure of the solid wood garage door (also known as steel wood garage door) adopts a 2.0mm steel frame structure, and the anti-pinch hand-design elements are input. Each door plate adopts upper and lower steel plates, which are processed into an anti-pinch hand shape by cold rolling equipment. The slotted solid wood door plate is embedded into the steel frame. The vertical gear and anti-pinch hand steel structure are connected by spot welding equipment, and the welding points are flat and firm.


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