Classification of Rolling Shutter Doors

June 24,2022

  1. Byopening situation:


It is divided into manual rolling shutter door and electric rolling shutter door. The manual rolling shutter door mainly uses the torsion spring on the central shaft of the rolling shutter to balance the force to open and close the door; The electric roller shutter door drives the central shaft of the roller shutter to rotate through a special motor to achieve the effect of opening and closing the door. When it rotates to the upper and lower limits set by the motor, it will automatically stop.


Rolling Shutter Doors


  1. By manufacturing material:


There are many kinds of materials for manufacturing roller shutter doors. Therefore, roller shutter doors can be divided into inorganic cloth roller shutter doors, grid roller shutter doors, aluminum alloy roller shutter doors, crystal roller shutter doors, stainless steel roller shutter doors, color steel roller shutter doors and wind resistant roller shutter doors.


  1. By installation method:


The rolling shutter door can be divided into two types according to its installation mode: in the wall and on the side of the wall (or inside and outside the tunnel). According to its opening mode, it can be divided into two types: up rolling and side rolling.


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