Common Failures and Solutions About Garage Rolling Shutter Door

August 06,2022

The following problems often occur during the use of the rolling door, such as control failure, the motor of the garage rolling door does not move, the hand zipper does not move, the motor vibration or noise, etc. This blog today will give you some solutions.


Garage Rolling Shutter Door


Common Failures and Solutions about Garage Rolling Shutter Door


  • The use of a long time, the remote control is sometimes not very good. This time we first check whether the remote control battery has power. If there is no power, gently pry open the remote control, find the matching battery for replacement can be. If still not solved, we have to open the door opener housing to test or debug the signal receiving module in the motor.


  • Electric rolling door is always stuck common is the bearing problem. If you can not determine whether the bearing problem, it is recommended that the first load and motor be disconnected. To determine whether it is a motor problem or load problem. Open the power and not on the power before you have to turn the motor by hand, check whether there is a sense of card resistance. The motor has a sense of card resistance, the motor connection line did not touch together is the controller is bad.


  • The self-weight of the rolling shutter door drop loss: fast rolling shutter door of the manual tie rod deformation. Replace the manual tie rod. The manual tie rod and the gap between the gasket are large. Reduce the gap. Gearbox motor lubrication lost. Replace the grease.