Door And Window Hardware Fittings Purchase Guide

February 25,2022

Although the hardware fittings are small in size, they play a significantly important role in our daily life. In this paper, we introduce some important hardware fittings of door and window and what should pay attention to when choosing them.


Types Of Door And Window Hardware Fittings


According to function, there are handle, support block, hinge, door closing device, handle, latch, window hook, anti-theft chain, inductive door opening and closing device, etc. Let’s see some more important ones of them.






The material of it is divided into all copper and stainless steel. In order to open easily without noise, it is better to choose the hinge shaft containing ball bearings. The brightness of exterior paint and electroplating when choosing, the gap of bearing wheel and strong sex decided drawer to open and close flexible and noise, should choose wear-resisting and turn even bearing wheel.


door handle.png


Shake Handshandle


The shapes of shake handshandle are numerous. And the material of it are copper, aluminium, stainless steel, pottery and porcelain to wait. The shake handshandle that course electroplate and electrostatic spray paint, have wear-resisting and anticorrosive effect, besides be consistent with bedroom adornment style when choosing, still should be able to bear bigger pull force, have a protective effect, let the home be in a safe state.






The so-called latch is used to fix the workpiece in the fixture or mold on a group of pins, is a simple anti-theft component to prevent doors and windows from being opened from the outside. The structure is much simpler than the lock, but the lock is outside the door and the latch is inside the door.


Precautions When Choosing Door Hardware Fittings


  • Choose flexible locks with good performance.
  • When you choose, you can plug the key several times to see whether it is smooth, and whether it saves effort to twist the switch.
  • Choose the kind of decorative hardware fittings with good appearance performance.
  • When choose, you need to see whether the exterior have blemish, electroplating burnish how, feel is smooth.
  • You should choose good sealing performance of hinges, rails, locks. Open and close and pull several times to feel its flexibility and convenience.
  • Cupboard door hinge is divided into unloading type and non unloading type two kinds, cover position is divided into big bend, medium bend, straight bend 3 kinds with medium bend generally. Select hinge in addition to visual inspection, feel the surface of the hinge smooth, should pay attention to the return performance of the hinge spring is better, the hinge can be opened 95 degrees, the hand will be pressed on both sides of the hinge, observe the support spring sheet is not deformed, not broken, very strong quality qualified products.
  • Drawer guide rail is divided into two rails, three rails two kinds, the choice of surface paint and electroplating brightness, bearing wheel clearance and strength decided the drawer open and close flexible and noise, should choose wear-resisting and rotating uniform bearing wheel.


In The End


The selection of hardware fittings are very important. It is related to your living standard. You certainly not want to change them frequently. If you are looking for qualified hardware fitting supplier, YongYingFeng is your best choice. It specializes in all kinds of hardware fittings for decades. It has a lot of customers both at home and abroad.