Flush Bolts For Aluminum Doors: Stainless Steel Or Carbon Steel?

October 21,2021

Flush bolts are often used to fix doors and windows. If you want doors and windows to endure the interference of external factors for a long time and stay firm, the quality of the doors and windows and the fixed parts are very important. So how to choose flush bolt for aluminium door? Stainless steel or carbon steel?


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Stainless steel is better than ordinary carbon steel

Because the aluminum door is often exposed to rain, galvanic corrosion will occur on the contact surface of carbon steel and aluminum alloy in a humid air environment, which will cause the aluminum alloy to corrode too quickly.


In fact, stainless steel and aluminum alloy also produce tiny primary cells, but the intensity of galvanic corrosion is determined by the potential difference between the two electrodes. The potential difference between carbon steel and aluminum is much larger than that of stainless steel, so the corrosion is very fast. Due to the active nature of aluminum, the aluminum alloy is sacrificed and then corroded.

Both countersunk head bolts and flush bolt for aluminium door are suitable, they have similar shapes, is there any difference between them?




If you have seen these two kinds of screws, you will find that the "looks" of these two kinds of screws are still obviously different. The flat head screws are just like the name, the screw head is a flat surface, and the bolt part connected below, but this connection should be focused Note that it is a 90-degree connection, which is connected at a right angle.


But the countersunk head screw is different. Although the screw head part has grooves, the way it is connected to the bolt is very different from the flat head screw. It starts from the screw head part and starts to go down in a tapered shape until Connect with the bolt below, so it is clear that the two types of nuts and bolts are connected in different ways, so they look different.



Flat-head screws are actually very common in life. For example, if you want to screw a flat-head screw to a wooden board, and after tightening it with a screw, you can see that the nut of the flat-head screw is left on the surface of the wood and can be touched by your hand. This one has a flat head. Many aluminum doors are flush bolts of choice.


But the other screw is completely different. If the screw is screwed into some parts, the nut of the screw is not visible on the surface, this is a countersunk head.


In addition, it can be distinguished from the "partner" of these two screws. Flat head screws are usually used with spring washers, but countersunk screws need to be tapered because of their "look". Ordinary household flat gaskets are not good.


The hardware of aluminum doors and windows is fixed by standard parts. What are the types?

There are many types of standard parts. Tail drilling, self-tapping, self-tapping and self-drilling, flat head, countersunk head, bolt, nut, fine thread, coarse thread, forward rotation, reverse rotation and many other types. The materials are ordinary carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc. Flat head or countersunk head self-tapping and self-tapping self-drilling are common screw types, and the commonly used materials are carbon steel and stainless steel. There are many common surface treatments, generally galvanizing, blackening, dacromet and so on.


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