Guide on installing the sliding door lock

September 26,2021

We are one of leading sliding door window lock exporters in China, we received message about how to install the lock for the door and window. Take sliding door and window as an example, we will provide you with useful ways. Now, let's check out them.


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How to install the sliding door lock


Single-leaf sliding door

When installing a lock for a single-leaf sliding door, you only need to install the lock directly on the door cover and the door frame. If you want to lock the sliding door, you only need to move it to the position of the door cover.


Double-leaf sliding doors

The sliding doors of double-leaf doors basically overlap, so it is definitely more difficult to install the lock in the middle position. Therefore, it is necessary to install the lock on the sliding door on both sides. Normally, just open one.


Multiple sliding doors

Some sliding doors have four doors. At this time, you can use small nails to fix the sliding doors on both sides, and the horizontal rows in the middle are more convenient to install with the lock. They only open when in use. The two in the middle will do.


The lock installation of sliding door is similar to that of ordinary door. If you want to install it to look better after installation, it is best to use a lock specially used on the sliding door.


lock from a sliding door window lock exporter


Steps for installing the sliding door lock

(1) Install the outer panel components

Step 1. According to the installation requirements in the product manual, first open the fixed-distance template according to the installation size of the lock body;


Step 2. Check whether the drilled holes are accurate, and install the lock body into the holes in turn;


Step 3. Fix the screws after aligning, install the screw and connecting screw on the outer panel parts;


Step 4. Insert the linkage square rod into the square rod hole of the lock body, and align the handle square hole of the outer panel component with the linkage square rod hole;


Step 5. Install the external panel components and strictly follow the steps in the product installation manual.


(2) Install inner panel components

Step 1: After aligning, tighten the screws and insert the lock body from the inside to the outside into the lock hole of the lock body;


Step 2: Insert the screw through the hole of the lock body panel, align it with the lock body, and tighten the screw after mounting the hole;


Step 3: Install the lock box or lock plate on the door frame.


(3) After the initial assembly of the panel components

Step 1: Turn the inner and outer handles of the crescent lock to observe whether the oblique tongue can be retracted and extended smoothly;


Step 2: Turn the knob on the rear panel to feel whether the square tongue is retracted smoothly;


Step 3: Insert the key and rotate it back and forth to feel whether the square tongue extends and retracts smoothly;


Step 4: After tightening the assembly screws of the crescent lock with a screwdriver, repeat the above action and turn several times to ensure that the bolt can move forward and backward freely after the screws are fixed.


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