How To Clean Plastic Corner Joint

September 23,2021

Plastic corner joint protects the corners of our doors and windows, usually in corners that we can't see. Often the smaller the place, the easier it is to be overlooked by us, so when we clean the house, we must pay more attention to the cleanliness of these places. The following methods can help you clean it.


Plastic Corner Joint


How to clean plastic corner protectors


Method 1

The plastic corner protector will be watermarked and blurred due to long-term close contact with water; you can spray a large X-shape on the whole piece of glass with a spray-type glass cleaner, and then fold the wrung rag. Wipe it in one direction, and then wipe it again with a dry cloth when the brick and plastic corners are seventy percent dry.


Method 2

The surface energy of the plastic corner protection surface treatment agent is a very important factor in the antifouling performance of the plastic corner protection surface. The low surface energy can prevent the adsorption of dust, microorganisms, water-based substances, particles, etc., and it is easy to desorb under the action of external force. Silicone has a low surface tension, which can be as low as 21-22m. It is an ideal and widely used water-proof and antifouling treatment agent for plastic corner protection surfaces.


Method 3

Wipe with old newspapers. The ink on the paper can make the plastic corners of the interior wall tiles shine as before, and can also wipe away the stubborn dirt. There are many types of air fresheners on the market, and you can choose according to your own preferences; The guests use the bathroom equipment in the elegant fragrance, and the leisurely music is heard at the same time. How relaxed and comfortable the mood will be. In addition, the easiest way to purify the bathroom air is: put a cup of balsamic vinegar or a box of cooling oil. Put it in the bathroom, the smell will disappear naturally.


Method 4

The plastic corner protector treated with silicone surface has the characteristics of keeping clean, not sticking to dust, easy to clean, and excellent scrubbing resistance, and is more and more popular in the market.

Method 5

The principle of organosilicon antifouling treatment agent is different from the commonly used surface treatment agents. The antifouling treatment agent for organosilicon surface chemically reacts with structural materials to form a layer of insoluble water-repellent with a thickness of several molecules on the surface of the plastic corner. Resin film not only has water-repellent and anti-staining properties, but also maintains the normal air permeability of the plastic corner protection.


Plastic Corner Joint


Where can I buy plastic corner joint

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