How to Choose Casement Window Hinges

September 06,2022

The hinge is the core accessory of the casement window. When no hinge support, the casement window hinge can support and position the sash.


After a poor quality hinge is used for a period of time, the supporting part will corrode and become loose. In severe cases, it may even break and cause the window sash to fall off. So how should we choose it?


Casement Window Hinge


The structure of the hinge


  1. Support arm: used to install the window sash and play a supporting role
  2. Cantilever: the part used to connect the support arm and the slide rail
  3. Slide rail: used to install on the window frame and play the role of bearing the movement of the slider
  4. Slider: the part that plays the role of moving guide in the slide rail


Materials of casement window hinge 


The hinges must be rust-proof. Because rust will affect the sliding smoothness of the casement window, reduce the mechanical properties of the hinge, and cause breakage. 304 stainless steel is a good choice. This type of stainless steel has high corrosion resistance, high wear resistance, and high strength and toughness. In addition, the thickness of the hinge also affects the bearing capacity. When the sash is heavy, it is best to choose a hinge with a thickness of more than 2.5.


Installation requirements


It must be designed with European standard C groove, so that it is not easy to fall off. The four-link design is equally important, which increases the hinge's load-bearing capacity.


In addition, use screws or screws reasonably according to the actual situation. Where there are countersunk holes, countersunk head screws must be used; where there are no countersunk holes in the chute, pan head screws are used. In addition, the hinges must be tightly connected with the sash and window frame, and must not be loose. All screw holes must be screwed with screws or screws, and one less will affect the load-bearing of the sliding support.


Routine maintenance


The hinges of the casement windows require regular maintenance by the user. Avoid falling sand, cement lime, etc. into the bottom groove of the hinge, which will cause the window to open and close smoothly. At the same time, some lubricating oil should be added to the hinge regularly.


The hinges and other hardware accessories of the casement window not only affect the safety and use time of the window, but also affect the sealing performance of the window. Therefore, when choosing a casement window, we must pay attention to the material and structure of its hardware.


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