How to Choose Furniture Casters?

September 22,2022

If you want to make the best use of furniture casters, you still need to be able to consider many factors. Today, let's take a look at the skills of choosing a furniture caster.


furniture casters


Load bearing capacity test


It is one of the basic principles to be able to do a good load-bearing capacity test no matter what kind of furniture casters are selected. If the load-bearing test is not taken into account, the potential safety hazards of subsequent use of furniture casters will increase significantly. If all kinds of casters fail during use, the casters may be replaced, or irreversible loss may be caused to the transported goods.


Load bearing capacity test needs to consider a limit difference. Generally speaking, the limit difference of the load-bearing capacity of furniture casters is the sum of three casters, but it is better to purchase four casters, which can also avoid overweight in daily use. There are two kinds of bearing capacity tests: dynamic load and static load. You can consider them more.


Specific applicable environment


Different casters are used in different environments. It is suggested that when considering the purchase of casters, we should not only refer to the hot products purchased in the market but also fully adapt ourselves to local conditions and understand the characteristics and application scope of different products.


Compare different brands


The design of furniture casters is difficult, and such casters are also one of the products used frequently. It is recommended that you give priority to brand products.


However, it is better to compare several brands. On the one hand, you can compare prices. On the other hand, you can better understand the advantages and characteristics of different products.


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