How to Maintain the Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows

May 09,2022

For most people, due to the lack of basic understanding and correct judgment of aluminum alloy door and window hardware, they are often overwhelmed when buying aluminum alloy door and window hardware accessories. In the doors and windows, hardware and accessories play a key role that cannot be ignored, and its quality is directly related to the service life and comprehensive quality of the doors and windows.


It can be said that the door and window hardware is the core of the entire door and window, including handles, locks, hinges, etc., each part plays a significant role. The key to the service life of aluminum doors and windows is the maintenance of "hardware". And the maintenance of aluminum doors and windows hardware, the key lies in the following 4 points.


How to maintain aluminum doors and windows?


aluminum doors and windows


  1. stainless steel handle and other stainless steel "hardware" can be wiped with bright cleaning agent, can add brightness.


  1. hinges, hanging wheel, casters and other moving parts in a long time movement may be because of dust adhesion and reduce performance, every six months or so point one or two drops of lubricant can keep its smooth.


  1. pay special attention to the direction of rotation and stretching of the puller, avoid using dead weight. Especially to educate children, do not hang on the door handle swing, both prone to danger and may cause damage to the inner door.


  1. lock cylinder rotation is not flexible enough, you can scrape a small amount of black powder from the pencil core, lightly blow into the lock hole. This is because the graphite component is a very good solid lubricant. Do not drip into the lubricant, because it will be more likely to adhere to the dust.


A large part of the service life of the doors and windows depends on the maintenance of hardware, I hope the above 4 points can be useful to you.