How to choose and install aluminum alloy handrails?

October 08,2021

Each staircase has a handrail, which not only provides protection, but also has a decorative effect, so the stair handrail plays a very important role. That's why we attach great importance to the materials of the stair railings when we decorate the house. But when choosing, we found that there are many types of it, how should we choose? Let's take a look at the purchasing skills and installation methods of aluminum stair railings today!


Purchasing skills




Security must be the first consideration. Check whether the iron stair handrails are polished and smooth, and whether the height of the treads meets the standards. The wooden pedal can choose a special anti-skid pad (rubber back pad), or stick metal particles, and pay attention to the stair treads not to be waxed like the floor.




Traditional bearing stairs use heavy materials, segmented casting, stair handrails splicing, and welding and riveting processes are mostly used. Dispersing again is equivalent to destruction. At present, the popular stairs require detachability, and the process adopts modular splicing socket type. The emergence of the detachability of the stairs is a breakthrough for the stairs. Because it is detachable, the stairs are flexible and you can try to enter the upper space at any angle.




Fashion has essence and dross, but it does not mean any fashion. Nowadays, fashionable stairs have changed their stubborn and rigid appearance in the past, showing more and more light, transparent and exquisite style. The current fashion is the return of human nature, iron stair handrails, in the design of stairs, it has been trying to break away from the classic standards set by design masters and artists for it, and it has begun to try to merge with the owner's own personality.


Professional services


Stairs are the hub connecting the upper and lower spaces. Good manufacturers can provide professional services. From the structure and construction of wrought iron railings, they coordinate the stairs and the home environment to avoid the simple extreme phenomenon of the stairs in both beauty and practicality.


Installation methods


  • 💡The aluminum alloy stair handrails first fix the top and bottom columns, and then draw a straight line between the top of the two columns, put the middle column on the step, and use a marker in the column fixing hole draw the punch mark, and then punch the hole to fix the post.


  • 💡If it is the ground that has already been paved with floor tiles, you can first drill holes with a glass drill bit. Before drilling, you can use plasticine to make a circle around the holes that need to be taken in order to store water and make better holes. After the glass drill bit is drilled, the hole is drilled with a 12mm diameter percussion drill bit. If the foundation is made of wood, self-tapping screws are used to directly fix the column.


  • 💡Aluminum stair handrails wear brushed. For wire drawing with a diameter of over 12 mm, you can use a special tool to draw a wire gripper to hold the wire. When threading the wire, first determine the position of the wire drawing, and then wear it. Then fix the threaded hole on the column.


  • 💡Fix the armrests: first measure the places that need to be bent, and heat the armrests that need to be bent by the hot bending blanket for 15-20 minutes, and the armrests can be bent when they become soft.


  • 💡After fixing the handrails, install the handrail plugs and wire-drawing plugs, and tighten the top wires that need to be tightened.


  • 💡If you need to connect the handrail to the wall, mark and draw a circle where the handrail is in contact with the wall, and then punch a hole in the center to drive the plastic expansion tube into the wall. The plug is fastened on the expansion tube with self-tapping thread and close to the wall, and then the handrail is inserted into the handrail plug.


The above is the purchasing skills and installation methods of aluminum alloy stair handrails introduced for you today. We are the professional aluminum HANDRAIL accessories wholesaler. For more information, please contact us.