How to choose windows suitable for home decoration?

September 24,2021

In the whole process of home decoration, windows do not seem to be the focus, but they play an important role in daily life. There are still different windows such as sliding windows, casement windows, internal windows and external windows. Today, I would like to share with you the advantages and disadvantages of different window opening methods.


Sliding window


The sliding window uses the external force acting on the window frame to drive the slide rail to realize the opening and closing of the window frame. According to the number of blades, the sliding door is divided into single sliding door, double sliding door and multi sliding door.


Advantages: the sliding window fan has large width and high luminous rate.


sliding windows


Vertical hinged window


The hinges of doors and windows are installed on the sides of doors and windows. Windows open inward or outward for better sealing. Generally, double-layer and three-layer insulating glass can be installed.


Advantages: large open area, flexible mode, good ventilation and daylighting performance. Good sealing performance, good sound insulation and convenient window replacement.


Disadvantages: the inner window will occupy the indoor space, which is easy to bump, and the curtain is inconvenient to use. It's easy to seep when it rains.


Vertical hinged window


Flip window


Flip window is to install the hinge or hinge under the window and push or pull the handle to open the window.


Advantages: because the hinged window has hinges, people can't come in from the outside, which is very safe for residents. It is suitable for places with limited installation positions such as kitchen and bathroom


Disadvantages: due to the small gap that can be opened, the ventilation is not very good.


flip window


Next, I would like to tell you some precautions for installing windows.


Precautions for installing windows:


Before installation, check whether the size of the window is the same as the opening size of the balcony.


When fixing the support with expansion bolt, the bolt shall be 10cm long. Before hitting the ball, hit the wall around the window frame with your hand. If the wall is empty, you need to hit it deeper.


After installing the window sash and all spare parts, seal evenly around the window frame to prevent rainwater from penetrating into the room from the gap between the window and the wall.


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