How to maintain your door?

October 08,2021

Have you ever do some actions to protect your window or door? Actually they indeed need extra protection as hardware fittings are easily getting rusty and wood door will be damaged in a humid condition.


Corner Connecting Fitting


The most effective way to prevent deformation of wooden doors is to keep the indoor environment humidity low by regular ventilation at home. At ordinary times, ventilation should be frequent, and the maintenance of wooden doors should not be paid attention to until wooden doors arch and roll. This is that wooden doors often cannot be used.


And when we usually close the door should be gently closed, too much force will damage the door. The door lock uses metal material commonly, encounter moisture or other solution can produce chemical change to make the door is damaged, so the handle should be dried before switching wooden door, do not splash corrosive liquid to wooden door and door lock, will produce corrosion, do not scrape sharp object to wooden door, will produce scratch.


  • Clean stains on doors promptly


Do not look down upon the stains on the wooden door, if corrosive chemical substances are not cleaned in time to produce damage to the wooden door. If the door is stained with oil stains, washing powder can be easily removed, accidentally stained with drugs or pigments should be immediately removed to reduce the damage to the wooden door.


Stain is too heavy should use neutral cleaning agent, toothpaste or furniture special cleaning agent to wipe, wipe clean remember immediately with a dry cloth dry. Special attention should be paid to the point that when wiping stains, soft cloth should be used. If you use a hard cloth, it will be easier to wipe off the material of wood doors or scrape wood doors, especially when wiping solid wood doors


  • To remove moisture from the room


 Air conditioning has the function of dehumidification, in the continuous humid weather indoor ventilation is futile to open the air conditioning dehumidification. Charcoal, dehumidifiers, moisture-proof film, all of these things can absorb moisture. In addition, regular wax also is a good method, wax can lock the moisture in wood, still can hold off dust adherent to go up in wooden door, maintain the burnish of wooden door.


  • Don’t touch the handle with a wet hand




Do not open the door lock with wet hands, or splash solvents containing corrosive ingredients on the wooden door and door lock. Do not use too much force when opening or turning the aluminium sliding door handle. Hinges, sliding door window locks and other hardware accessories that are often active, should be tightened immediately when they become loose. When the door lock does not work, you can add the right amount of pencil core foam and other lubrication materials to the keyhole.


  1. To polish


Before waxing, clean the dust and stains on the surface of the wooden door and the corner connecting fittings. Waxing should be selected in a sunny day, not in rainy days, and the temperature had better be higher than 5 degrees. Waxing also is not dozen more better, under normal circumstances, half an year dozen wax is relatively appropriate, excessive frequent waxing can cause damage to wooden door exterior coating instead.


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