Key Points of Door and Window Handle Construction

May 23,2022

The installation of doors, windows, and glass shall be carried out after the wall is completed by the wet operation method and hardened. Doors and windows shall be installed by the reserved opening method. Today, let's talk about the key points of door and window handle construction.


Door and Window Handle


Key points of door and window handle construction


  • During the installation of window frames on each floor, horizontal and vertical through lines shall be drawn, and the levels of each floor shall be consistent and straight up and down.


  • The window frame is fixed with the wall. The upper frame is fixed first, and then the frame is fixed, which is fixed with plastic expansion bolts.


  • The inner cavity of the expansion joint between the frame and the opening is filled with closed-cell foamed plastic, foaming agent, and other elastic materials, and the surface is sealed with sealant.


The installation process of aluminum alloy doors and windows


The installation of doors and windows must be firm, and the number, location, and embedding connection method of embedded parts must meet the design requirements.


There shall be no less than 3 fasteners used to fix each reinforced section steel, with a spacing of no more than 300mm and no more than 100mm from the end of the section steel; Except for stainless steel, the surface of reinforced steel, fasteners and hardware shall be treated with corrosion-resistant coating.


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