Purchasing skills of sliding hanger door roller

September 23,2021

Do you have any difficulty in choosing sliding doors? What about the selection of sliding hanger  door rollers? Take it easy. This blog can help you!




Wooden roller:


The wooden products themselves will give people a warm and real feeling. The unique thing about wooden roller is that it has the pattern of wood itself, so it has a very beautiful appearance and strong decoration. However, the bearing capacity of this kind of roller is not particularly good, it is not very wear-resistant, waterproof, and it is easy to absorb water, resulting in loose structure. It is generally suitable for use as a light weight door and window pulley.



Plastic roller:


It has a wide variety of styles and rich colors. It is both practical and decorative. It gives people a sense of fashion with changeable shapes. It is more wear-resistant, and has good waterproof and corrosion resistance. Even if it is used for a long time, it has no problem. Good load-bearing performance, so it can be used in a wide range.


Metal roller:


Metal roller is also divided into many types, such as copper roller, stainless steel roller, aluminum roller, alloy roller and so on. This kind of roller gives people a cold and hard feeling of metal. It has rich colors, large hardness, good bearing capacity, good wear resistance and waterproof performance, but the corrosion resistance of metal is not good, and it is easy to rust after long-term use. It is more suitable to be used as a roller for doors and windows with large weight.



How to purchase


Firstly, look at the materials. At present, the track materials sold in the market are different. Most of the slide rails are alloy, and some of them are made of copper. The alloy slide rail can be divided into ordinary type and thickened type, depending on the texture of the applicable door or window. If the volume of the door or window is small and the weight is light, a smaller track can be selected. If the weight of the door or window is heavy, a thickened track should be selected to ensure safety and durability.


Secondly, look at the supporting pulley. The pulley is a non negligible accessory in sliding doors and windows. High quality pulley can promote the sliding use of doors and windows. The quality of the outer wheel and bearing of the pulley determines the quality of the pulley. Most of the outer wheels are nylon fiber or all copper. The copper pulley is relatively strong, but there is a sound when pulling. Nylon fiber pulleys have no sound when pulled, but they are not as wear-resistant as copper pulleys.


Finally, the pulley bearing with good quality is usually made of stainless steel. The bearing is installed tightly and feels soft without noise when sliding. Even some pulleys can adjust the height to make up for the distance between the door and the track, so as to connect the door and the track more closely. The workmanship quality of the small pulleys at the bottom of doors and windows is also very different. The small pulleys with excellent technology are light and fast to pull. Some brands of pulleys are also equipped with anti jump devices, which is safer to use.