Solutions to aluminum HANDRAIL accessories

October 21,2021

The handle of aluminum alloy are used to lock doors and windows which is generally much firmer than traditional locker. However, after a long-time service and exposure to the sun, the screws on the handle is more likely to become loose. So it probable to result in property lose. Now we are going to talk about the maintenance of aluminum alloy handrail accessories.


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The handle loose is a lot of home will appear in the problem. Some families choose to pay for special installation master to repair, while some families think it doesn’t matter to maintain and they are likely to neglect it. But I want to tell that the loose handrail will not only affect the close of doors and windows, but also have certain security risks. Next we will teach you a simple trick, easy maintenance of loose door and window handles in the home.


The reason of handle loose


The screws on the fixed base have been stressed for a long time and become loose.


The length of the screw on the fixing base is insufficient.




First find the position of the fixing screw and tighten the screw with a tool.

If the screw is not tightened yet, it is because the length of the original screw is not enough. So we need use 4.2*48mm long screws to fix the base on the outside side of the glass.


Range of the method


This method is applicable to all screws fixed handle, including aluminum alloy, plastic steel, wood material doors and Windows are feasible.



It is not recommended to fix the inside of the glass with long screws as the inside could push against the glass and cause it to shatter.


How to detach the aluminum alloy handrail


First, remove the back cover of the handle and then observe how many screws it contains. In general, there is only one screw to fix the handrail on the window.


And then turn the back cover 90 degrees.


Finally, use a suitable screwdriver to remove the cross screws inside.


Please note if you can’t pull out the handle, do not blindly use force. Maybe you can  move it until it become a little loose, and then try to pull out. You should not feel irritable as the long-serving handrail is bound to get a little rusty, so pay more patience. Some of the handles are not easy to detach mainly because of dust accumulation and other forces that make it difficult to remove. So it might help to clean it with warm water. What’s more, we can lubricate the handrail with oil to have a try.


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