Something You Should Know About Rubber Lining

October 25,2021

Rubber lining is to paste the processed whole rubber plate on the metal surface with adhesive to separate the corrosive medium from the metal matrix for the purpose of protection.


rubber lining




Rubber lining is a long-standing anti-corrosion technology, which has been applied to the components of textile equipment as early as 1855. Since it was found at the end of the 19th century that hard natural rubber bonded to the metal surface and then vulcanized can obtain high bonding strength and good anti-corrosion performance, rubber lining technology has received great attention in the application of chemical anti-corrosion. However, due to the limitations of technology at that time, the scope of application was still relatively narrow. Since the Second World War, a series of synthetic rubber with excellent corrosion resistance have been invented, and the application range of rubber lining has been gradually expanded. In the past, the size of rubber lining equipment was not very large due to the limitation of vulcanization equipment. After the emergence of natural vulcanization technology and low-temperature hot water vulcanization technology, it can be said that the size of rubber lining equipment is no longer limited. At present, tens of thousands of devices in the world are protected by natural or synthetic rubber lining. It seems that rubber lining is a developing lining technology. The application of this technology in China also has a long history. In the past, natural rubber was mostly used as lining. With the development of China's synthetic rubber industry, it can be expected that the application of synthetic rubber with excellent performance will be more and more widely.


Advantages of rubber lining


✅Excellent corrosion resistance: it has good corrosion resistance to almost all media except strong oxidizing acids such as concentrated sulfuric acid and chromic acid and aromatic alkane.


✅Good corrosion resistance: the soft rubber lining with good elasticity can not only absorb mechanical vibration, but also absorb the corrosion caused by the mixing of materials with strong friction performance. Rubber lining is especially suitable for corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant occasions in chemical plants.


✅Strong adaptability: the specially prepared rubber sheet lining can deform freely according to any shape before final vulcanization, so it can be used for lining construction on complex equipment. The bonding strength between rubber and metal body is high. The rubber is combined with each other. After vulcanization, it can become one, which is more reliable than welding. It can be lined on high-speed rotating machines. Unvulcanized rubber compound has plasticity and can be used for lining equipment with complex shapes; Light weight and easy handling of lining equipment; The lining process is simple and easy to master; The rubber lining of atmospheric pressure large equipment can be constructed on site; The rubber lining can keep the purity of products in the equipment; The rubber lining can prolong the trial period of the equipment and simplify the equipment structure; The rubber lining has good integrity and high density, and can be used as the impervious layer in the lining. The price of rubber lining is low.


Disadvantages of rubber lining


❎Poor heat resistance. The application range of hard glue is 0-85 degrees, and that of soft glue is -25-75 degrees; Poor chemical stability to strong oxidizing medium; The rubber lining layer is easy to be damaged by hard objects; Solvent can swell the adhesive layer; The adhesive layer decomposes at high temperature; Rubber lining equipment cannot be welded; The thermal conductivity of rubber can not be used for heat transfer; Hard rubber lined equipment should not be used or kept under -5 degrees; The expansion coefficient of hard rubber is 3-5 times larger than that of metal, and the adhesive layer will crack and delaminate when the temperature changes sharply; The rubber used in rubber lining is flammable and toxic, and attention must be paid to safe operation.


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