The Advantages of Socket Head Cap Bolts

April 26,2022

Although the hexagon socket bolt is a small bolt, it can be used to connect aluminum profiles, and many frame structures must use it. enough to see its importance. Before the hexagon socket head bolt is connected to the aluminum profile, it is necessary to punch and tap the predetermined position of the profile, and then use the hexagon socket wrench to tighten the bolt.


What are the advantages of socket head cap bolts?


socket head cap bolts


✔️High connection strength


Hexagon socket head bolts have the highest connection strength among all aluminum profile accessories. So when you don't know which accessory to choose for connection, you can choose socket head cap bolts. The large equipment hood, equipment frame, etc. connected with hexagon socket head bolts are strong and not easy to shake.


✔️Easy to install panels


The hexagon socket head bolts are hidden inside the profile and will not occupy the space in the profile groove, which is convenient for installing various plates. Many frames need to be installed with plates, which play the role of partition, protection, noise isolation and protection installation. However, there are some accessories that will affect the installation of the board and cannot be selected. The use of hexagon socket head bolts will not only not affect the installation of the plate, but also the connection strength is high, beautiful and strong.



✔️Many ways to connect


Hexagon socket head bolts can realize right-angle connection, L-type connection, T-type connection, cross connection, vertical connection of three profiles and so on.


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