The Best Aluminum Door and Window Handle

September 26,2021

Aluminum door and window handles are hardware accessories that we often use in our daily lives. Aluminum door and window handles not only allow us to open and close doors and windows easily, but also play a certain decorative role. But how to classify door and window handles? What are the purchasing skills of door and window handles? Today, the article will tell you.


Aluminum Door and Window Handle

The Working Principle of Aluminum Door and Window Handle


The working principle of the aluminum door and window handle is the principle of leverage. The handle can be used to hold, manipulate or move mechanical equipment and cabinet equipment, and it is a handle that is convenient for opening doors and windows. The principle of leverage is widely used in life, bringing more labor-saving and convenience to people’s lives


The Classification of Aluminum Door and Window Handle


Although door and window handles are only small accessories, they have strong decorative capabilities. Choosing a good door handle can make the whole design more textured. So, how to classify door and window handles?


According to the material, it can be divided into all metal door handles, aluminum door and window handles, plastic door and window handles, stainless steel door and window handles and so on. At present, we use aluminum door and window handles the most.


According to the appearance and structure, it has the following types:


Multi-Point Lock Handle


Among them, the multi-point lock handle is the most common and the most widely used type

Definition: Multi-point locks, a control device for opening and closing doors and windows.

Scope of application: all internal and external casement windows in homes, office buildings, and commercial buildings.


Spinning Aluminum Door and Window handle


Seven handle is the most commonly used name for spinning handle, because it looks like the number "7" from the side.

Definition: A device that realizes window opening and closing and locking functions by turning the handle.

Compared with other handles, its structure and function are relatively simple, and the window can be opened and closed easily by turning the handle. It is a relatively economical option.


Selection skills of Aluminum Door and Window Handles


Handle size


When choosing a aluminum door and window handle, you should buy it according to the size of the doors and windows, and the size should be moderate. It will affect the beauty of the entire cabinet or doors and windows.


Handle style


The style of the handle should be purchased according to the style of home decoration. Although the handle is small, it is very conspicuous. Different styles of home decoration can use different material handles, retro styles can choose all-metal handles, classic styles and pastoral styles can choose ceramic handles, and modern simple styles can choose aluminum alloy handles.


Appearance of the handle


When buying a handle, look at the protective film on the surface. You can also touch it to feel the texture of some handles. If you get stuck, it means that the handle is unqualified.


Handle sound


When buying a aluminum door and window handle, you can take two handles and tap each other, and choose the handle with a crisp sound.


Handle screw hole


When buying, pay attention to the screw holes on the back of the handle. The larger the screw holes, the easier it is to install.


Handle certificate


The aluminum door and widow handle is something we often need to use. It is best to choose a brand with a better reputation.


Door and window handles are an indispensable accessory. It has decorative performance, functionality and safety function at the same time. So it is important to choose a high-quality aluminum door and window for your home. We are aluminum door and window handle exporter. Any interests, welcome to contact us.