The Best Sliding Door and Window Roller

October 08,2021

Sliding door and window rollers are the general term for sliding door and window on common metal appliances, which are widely used in many occasions. However, many people are still do not know the materials of the sliding door and window rollers. Today this article will introduce you to the relevant knowledge about sliding door and window rollers.


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The Materials of Sliding Door and Window Roller



Colored aluminum


It is to color the surface of aluminum alloy, which can make wood grain and wire drawing.


It is stronger than plastic steel, and has a single-color appearance than aluminum alloy, and the color is uniform. It has the functions of acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, weathering resistance, aging resistance, and ultraviolet radiation resistance. It is environmentally friendly and beautiful.


Aluminum-magnesium alloy


Its main component is aluminum, and it also contains some magnesium elements to give it strength. The main feature of this type of material sliding door and window roller is that the heat conduction function is very good, and the strength has reached a certain level. The appearance of aluminum-magnesium alloy is silver-white, visually speaking, it is very beautiful. However, it also has drawbacks, it is not good at hardness and the cost is also high.


Titanium-magnesium alloy


It is a more excellent raw material than aluminum-magnesium alloy. In addition to the two metal elements of titanium and magnesium, carbon fiber materials are also added to give titanium-magnesium alloys stronger hardness and strength. Because of this advantage, titanium-magnesium alloy sliding door and window rollers have been widely promoted and have been loved by many people.


How to Replace Sliding Door and Window Rollers


Replacing your sliding door and window rollers is a fairly simple task, however you will need to remove your door from the structure before doing so. Never ever compel your door from the frame; this might result in permanent damages or the requirement for repairs. There are some steps for changing sliding windows and door rollers:

Loosen Up the Roller Screw

Situate the screw holding the rollers in place. On a lot of doors, this screw lies above the modification screw. On newer doors, the screws may be found on the bottom of the door alongside the rollers. Using a Phillips screwdriver, transform the roller screw counterclockwise until the rollers are launched from the bottom of the door. Shop your roller screws in a refuge till you prepare to set up the brand-new rollers.


Remove the Rollers


When the sliding door and window rollers hang enough to eliminate, gently pull them out from the door. Ensure to remove the rollers from both sides of the door.


Establish the Type of Roller You Need


Because different doors require various rollers, it is essential to take your rollers with you to the hardware store to purchase brand-new ones, or to document the precise type and also take an image on your smart device to give the shop. If you aren't changing the rollers as soon as possible, you might require to change the old ones to establish your door back in the framework. When you've obtained your brand-new rollers all set to go, continue to the next step.

Insert the New Rollers in the Door and Window


Lining up the holes on the rollers with the holes in all-time low of the door, put the new rollers in place. Change the roller screws and also utilize your Phillips screwdriver to transform them clockwise up until tight. Make sure the rollers rotate completely before re-installing your sliding door and window.


Rollers are the most important hardware components in sliding doors. Their quality affects the sliding quality of the door and directly affects the service life of the sliding door. Therefore it is important to choose suitable rollers for your sliding door and window. We are the sliding door roller window exporter. Any interests, welcome to contact us.