The Maintenance Of Hinge For Window Or Door

November 01,2021

The window or door hinge is an unremarkable thing, which we may not even care about when we open or close the window or door. But because the frequency of opening and closing a window or door is relatively high, it is easy to affect the service life of the window hinge if you do not pay attention to maintenance. Today we are going to talk about how to maintain the hinge for aluminum window or frame door.


hinge for aluminum window or frame door


To keep it dry


The dryness here not only refers to water, such as rain, which drips on the hinges, but also refers to keep the metal parts of the hinges from being exposed to the moist air.


To ensure the pulley are lubricated


To check it regularly or every times when the opening and closing of the window to check whether the hinge of window or door is smooth without any abnormal sound or not. If there is a abnormal sound, you had better to add lubricating oil for maintenance.


To avoid chemical substance


Do not lightly use chemical cleaner to washing your hinge for aluminum window or aluminum frame door, even if you find dirt on the hinge that cannot be cleaned by ordinary cleaner since it is likely to cause corrosion to the hinge or more serious consequences. Using a little kerosene would be a good choice at this time but if it doesn’t work, you can ask more professional personnel or after-sales staff for help.



The aluminum window or door in the kitchen is very easy to be stained with oil and other spices, so it is best to wipe away in time as the loner time it leaves the more difficult to swipe it.


To handle it in time


If the hinge is found to be loose and other signs, it is best to use tools to adjust in time. Try to deal with the problem early before it causes more serious consequences.


To try not to let the cabinet door open for a long time


We should avoid dragging them with a large force result in damage the connection of hardware.


Prevent electroplating from damage


In the daily usage, we should try to prevent other hard objects on the hinge electroplating plating impact resulting in electroplating damage.


To avoid prolonged periods of tension


Just like a rubber band, if left in a tight state for a long time, it will damage its elasticity and itself to a certain extent. Therefore, the hinge is the same as the rubber band which should be reasonable use.


To contact the maintenance personnel when in serious condition


When it is found that the hinge has been deformed or seriously corroded, it is best not to deal with it by itself. Professional maintenance personnel should be invited to replace, so as not to cause greater losses.


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