Use of Glass Door Slide

November 28,2022

Some problems will inevitably occur in the long use of glass door slide. The following are some precautions that can appropriately extend its life. Let's discuss it together!




Note 1:


Pulley derailment will directly lead to door frame sliding in the track. This will be very laborious in use and will also damage the door frame. It is recommended to lift the door slightly and let the pulley return to the track.


Pulley damage If this situation occurs, it means that the door is too heavy, causing the pulley to be unable to withstand gravity and deformed. In serious cases, the pulley will be crushed or the pulley bearing will be damaged, causing the wheel to be stuck and unable to use. At this time, the pulley needs to be replaced.


Note 2:


If two sliding doors are built, their width should be consistent. This is to ensure the effect and quality of sliding door rail installation. The door seams at both ends shall be adjusted and aligned to prevent incongruity.


If the space in front and behind is relatively narrow, it is not suitable to install a sliding door with lifting rails. In the process of sliding door track device, ensure that the dimension of the tracking box above the sliding door is 12cm, and 9cm if it is wide.


Note 3:


The gold size of the normal door is 80cm × About 200 cm. Under this structure, the door is relatively stable and beautiful.


As the swing amplitude is too large when pushing and pulling, the glass door slide is easy to deform after a long time. The deformed back door cannot be opened, which means it cannot be repaired and used.