What Are The Commonly Used Materials For Connectors?

October 27,2021

Although there are complex types of connectors, there are only two kinds of connector materials, one is plastic, which is often referred to as plastic, and the other is metal. According to the proportion, when a connector is made of metal, we call it metal connector, otherwise, when plastic materials are widely used in a connector, it belongs to plastic connectors.


Plastic connectors are often made of plastic materials except for necessary metal parts such as terminals, and other materials such as shell. According to different product requirements and application environment, the plastic materials used in plastic connectors are also different, So what are the commonly used plastic materials for connectors?


plastic connector


There are five most commonly used plastic materials in plastic connectors: PPS, LCP, PCT, PBT and nylon. These different materials also have different characteristics and have their own advantages and disadvantages!




There are two kinds of nylon materials, one is ordinary nylon material, the other is high-temperature nylon material. Ordinary nylon material has the advantages of excellent chemical resistance and high strength. The disadvantage is that the wettability of the material will lead to the decline of the electrical function of the connector; The advantages of high-temperature nylon material will have higher toughness and ductility than ordinary nylon material! The disadvantages are the same as that of ordinary nylon, and the cost will be higher than that of ordinary nylon!




The material characteristics of PBT are its excellent moisture resistance and high strength. At the same time, it also has excellent chemical resistance, and the disadvantage of PBT is that its cost will be higher than that of high-temperature nylon, and it is not suitable for surface mounting technology!




The characteristics of PCT material are its dimensional stability, high strength and excellent chemical resistance. The disadvantage is that it may break, and its cost will be higher than that of PBT.




The advantage of PPS material lies in its moisture resistance and excellent chemical resistance. The disadvantage is that it is more fragile than other plastic materials and has less color selectivity. In addition, its cost is higher than that of most thermoplastic plastic materials.




LCP material has many advantages. It has super moisture resistance, toughness and strength. It also has excellent chemical resistance. Moreover, it is very suitable for the thin wall of injection molded connector with instant noodles bonding technology. Its disadvantage is that the flexibility of LCP material is worse than that of other thermoplastic materials, and its color is less and the cost is higher.


Although the materials applied to different connector products are different, the final choice of connectors of the two materials is generally determined according to the use requirements and application environment of the connector!


Connectors of different materials will be used in different environments, because in some ultra-high temperatures or environments with high corrosion to plastic materials, it is not suitable for plastic connectors to work. At this time, metal connectors can be used to replace them. On the contrary, it is the same; Connectors of different materials are generally used in different fields, but more connectors of two materials are mixed.


The above is the introduction of plastic connectors. If you are looking for a Plastic connector exporter, we look forward to being your choice!