What Are the Materials of Fire Shutter Doors

March 15,2022

Fire shutter doors are generally installed in garages, shopping malls, warehouses and other places with large entrances and exits, and their role is to prevent fire and theft. The more common rolling shutter door is the fire shutter door. Of course, the fire shutter door has many kinds of materials, and the effect of the rolling shutter door of different materials is different. Next we will introduce them to you!


What are the materials of fire shutter doors?


fire shutter door


Fire shutter materials include composite fire shutter doors, steel fire shutter doors, inorganic fire shutter doors, etc. If classified according to the installation method, there are two kinds of fire shutter doors, such as in the wall and on the side of the wall. If classified according to the opening direction, there are fire shutter doors with upper roll and side roll. The characteristics of each material are as follows:


  • Steel fireproof rolling shutter door.The rolling shutter door is made of steel material for curtain plate, seat plate, guide rail, door lintel, box and so on. This kind of rolling door is equipped with a rolling door machine and a control box, which can play a good role in fire prevention.


  • The curtain surface of the inorganic fiber composite fire shutter is made of inorganic fiber material, and the plywood, guide rail, seat plate, door lintel, box body, etc. are made of steel material. This kind of rolling shutter door is also equipped with rolling door machine and control box. , can play a fire effect.


  • The super fire shutter door uses inorganic fiber material or steel material as the curtain surface, and uses the steel material as the guide rail, plywood, seat plate, lintel, box and so on. This kind of roller shutter is also composed of a roller door machine and a control box, which can meet the requirements of fire integrity, heat insulation and smoke resistance.


How to maintain fire shutter doors?


  • Fire shutter doors used in daily life may be worn or collided because of frequent use. How to maintain fire shutter doors is very important. First, check it from the inside to the outside during use to see if the door leaf and door rail are deformed, and also check the manual button locking.
  • When the fire shutter door is rising or falling, if it cannot stop automatically when it reaches the end position, it is necessary to quickly press the manual stop button, and then perform automatic operation after it is repaired normally.
  • Carefully check the button operation of the fire center, wait until the shutter door is slid down and closed in place, and then check whether there is any problem with the indication. If the system check is completely normal, you can prove that you are well maintained.

On the contrary, it is necessary to adjust and repair the problems it reveals in a timely manner. Usually, the surface of the rolling shutter door should be cleaned frequently, and the peeled paint or local deformation should be repaired and improved.