What Are the Specifications for Window Frame Fasteners?

July 11,2022

When the window frames are fixed, their tightness and thermal insulation are very demanding. At this time, casement windows can be used, but sliding windows cannot be used. When installing, be sure to take into account its wind pressure strength. If the width of the door opening is greater than 2100mm, the height of the fan is not more than 1500mm, and the width of the opening is not less than 600mm, then the sliding window cannot be used, and the casement window or the top-hung window should be used. When using a casement window, it should be opened inward, which is more appropriate and can improve the overall safety performance.


If you want to open the window outwards, you must take certain safety precautions outside. It should also be taken into account when installing it, what are its load-bearing capacity and the stiffness of the material. At this time, the width of the sliding door itself cannot exceed 2000 mm, and its height cannot be greater than 2200 mm. If it is larger than this size, then it is necessary to choose heavier slides and profiles.


Window Frame Fasteners


How to choose doors and windows


First of all, when installing, be sure to remove the windows in the house first, and then replace the new doors and windows. It is best to choose doors and windows of better quality. Good doors and windows are very important for the overall sealing and anti-aging properties.


And when choosing doors and windows, be sure to choose doors and windows with good strength and good precision. In this way, when it is used later, the doors and windows will be used for a long time. And choose durable door and window materials. Because some doors and windows have been used for some time, the whole will turn yellow. So when choosing, be sure to choose better material. When choosing doors and windows, hardware accessories are also very important, and good hardware accessories are also very convenient when pushing and pulling later.