What Is the Function of Double-Headed Bolts

June 13,2022

A bolt is generally a screw with a larger diameter, while a double-headed bolt is a bolt with no head on either side. Double-headed bolts are also generally called double-headed studs, and double-headed bolts have threads at the head and tail end and a bare rod without a pattern in the middle. Double-head bolts are widely used, and they are generally used for foot bolts or for thicker connections that cannot be connected with ordinary bolts.


double-headed bolts


The role of double-headed bolts


The main role of double-headed bolts is on large equipment. They are generally used as mounting accessories, such as mirrors, mechanical seal seats, reducer frames, etc. Double-head bolts play the role of intermediate connection. One end of the double-headed bolt is screwed into the main body, and the other end is equipped with accessories. As the accessories are longer and easier to disassemble, the threads of double-headed bolts are easily damaged and will be replaced frequently.


When the thickness of the connected parts is relatively large, the bolt length needed is longer and more suitable for double-headed bolts.


It is used to connect thick plates and some connections that are not convenient to use hexagonal bolts, such as ordinary concrete roof frame, roof beam suspension, monorail beam suspension, etc.


Double-head bolts are also commonly used in machinery to fix connecting rods. Both ends of the double-headed bolt have corresponding threads. The thickness of the middle screw also varies according to the actual use. Double-head bolts are mainly used in mining machinery, bridges, automobiles, motorcycles, boiler steel structures, crane towers, large-span steel structures and large buildings.


Double-head bolt specification type standard


The specifications of double-head bolts are generally D=M12,nominal length L=80m,performance grade 4.8;the complete mark of equal length double-head bolts is GB901M12*80-4.8;in addition,the manufacturing standard of double-head bolts is gb897-gb901,and there are many kinds of materials. The common specifications of double-head bolts are about m3~m100mm, and the specific length can be customized according to user requirements.