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September 28,2021

Aluminum doors and windows are composed of a series of accessories such as window frames, glass, hardware accessories, rubber strips, handle hinges, track pulleys, etc. Different functions, window types and opening methods of aluminum doors and windows require different configurations of aluminum door and window accessories. The following is a detailed introduction to what aluminum door and window accessories are.


Different aluminum doors and windows have different window types, styles and aluminum door and window accessories. Generally, aluminum door and window accessories include the following types:


  1. Hardware parts for aluminum doors and windows are divided into: handle for transmission mechanism, spinning handle, hinge, transmission lock, sliding support, support, bolt, multi-point lock, pulley, single point lock and flat opening lower suspension hardware system, etc.


  1. Hardware for aluminum doors and windows can be divided into door hardware and window hardware by category.


  1. According to the purpose, it can be divided into sliding door and window hardware, casement window hardware and internal casement lower hanging window hardware.


Sealing material


Aluminum door and window sealing materials are divided into sealing materials for inlaid glass and sealing materials for sealing between frames and fans according to their uses;


It is divided into sealant strip, sealing wool strip and sealant according to materials. The sealant is mainly used for inlaying glass, and the sealing wool strip is mainly used for sealing between aluminum alloy sliding door and window frames and sashes. The sealant strip is not only used for glass inlaying sealing, but also used for sealing between door and window frames and sashes, especially aluminum alloy casement windows, but their specifications and models are different.


Auxiliary parts


Auxiliary parts for aluminum alloy doors and windows mainly include: connectors, connectors, stiffeners, cushion pads, glass cushion blocks, fixed ground corners, sealing covers, etc.


Aluminum window accessories


Hardware accessories of casement window include: window lap button, window handle, window support, screen shaft and window seat, screen buckle and handle, etc.


The hardware accessories of sliding window include: roller, chain round lock, angle rail and yarn fan roller, etc.


The hardware accessories of the inner opening lower hanging window include: internal coupler, handle, two-way shaft, pull rod and multi-point lock block, etc.


The hardware accessories of middle hung window and vertical rotating window include middle hung shaft, middle selected window lock, etc.


Spinning handle, commonly known as 7-character handle and single point handle. It is suitable for small-size aluminum casement doors with sash area not greater than 0.24 square meters, and can only be locked at a single point.


spinning handle


The transmission mechanism uses a handle, which can be used together with the transmission rod and the locking point to realize the locking of doors and windows. The scope of application is wide, and it can realize multi-point locking.


The transmission mechanism uses a handle


Sliding braces are generally used on externally opened windows and top-hung windows. They are a multi-link device that supports window sashes for opening, closing, and positioning.


sliding brace


The pulley is a device that bears the weight of the sliding door and window sash, and can move the door and window along the track by rolling itself under the action of external force.


Wind bracing is applied to aluminum alloy inner casement windows, outer upper-hung windows, and inner upper-hung windows. The function is to fix the open window sash at a preset position.


The transmission lock is a rod-shaped, locking point transmission device used in aluminum casement windows, upper-hung windows, and lower-hung windows to control the locking and opening of door and window sashes. It is generally used in conjunction with the handle of the transmission mechanism. , To complete the function of locking and opening doors and windows together.


The transmission lock


The multi-point locker has several more lock points than the transmission locker, and sometimes a corner converter is needed.


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