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September 28,2021

Bolt fasteners bring convenience to our lives and are an indispensable work piece in our study life. It is an indispensable necessity in any era. Next, I want to introduce the flush bolt to you.


Flush bolts are installed in the lock frame on the fixed door leaf of a pair of doors. There are usually two bolts, one on the top of the door and one on the bottom of the door. The head of the frame, and the impact of the lower screws will fall on the ground.


As shown in the figure below, the hexagon socket flat head bolt can also be called flat head bolt. It is a more commonly used bolt head shape, which is generally used for internal fastening and connection of fine products, because flat head bolts can be produced with thin flat heads. It can effectively save space, increase the number of threaded teeth, and can better fix and connect. Steel structure bolts are mainly used in steel structure engineering to connect the connection points of steel structure steel plates. Under normal circumstances, high-strength bolts can bear greater load than ordinary bolts of the same specification. Therefore, flat head bolts are used for precision products, such as watches, glasses, mobile phones, tablet computers, etc.


flush bolts


Because these precision electronic products require high precision and beautiful appearance of bolts, flat head bolts are generally made of 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel bolts not only have good corrosion resistance, but even without any surface treatment, stainless steel flat head bolts are still It has a silvery white appearance and can maintain a new luster for ten years. So it is perfect for this kind of electronic equipment.


Classification of flush bolts


Manual Extension Flush Bolts


Manual extension flush bolts can be used for wooden doors and hollow metal doors. The top corners of the wooden door can be placed in the arch to accommodate the flat head studs of the wooden door. If the top corners of the flush bolts of the wooden door can be used, the top corners of the wooden door can be used. It is difficult to reach by hand, and hand-made wooden door panels are not very commonly used. Fortunately, wooden doors can also be willing to accept flat head bolts on metal doors.


Since the pull rod of the metal door is a flush bolt, the height of the pull rod can be lowered to retract the bolt. The standard length of these tie rods is 12 inches, but from 18 inches to 24 inches, they can be extended to 48 inches. The thick link used depends on the height of the door.


Self-Latching Flush Bolts


Self-latching flush bolts are usually called constant latching flush bolts. These bolts are a combination of manual flush bolt extension and automatic locking flush bolts. To open the top bolt, you must manually retract it with a button or slide, not a manual flat-head screw to pull the screw. The bracket is a spring device that will naturally extend when the button is worn or loosened.


Automatic Flush bolts


The automatic flush bolt can be picked up without manual operation, when the moving blade is opened, the flush bolt will retract and the inactive door will open, after closing the moving blade, the flush bolt will automatically lock again.


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