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September 28,2021

Aluminum sliding doors are familiar to everyone. Many modern home decorations use aluminum sliding doors, so after the installation of the door is the installation of handles and locks. The handle and lock is the key component of the sliding door. So, let’s learn about the installation of the aluminum sliding door handle and lock with me today. I believe you will gain something.


Sliding door handle


The sliding door handle is a hardware accessory installed on the top of the sliding door switch. The sliding door handle materials include copper, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, stainless steel, etc., mostly alloy series. Ordinary sliding door handles are long strips, embedded or convex installation, simple and stylish appearance.


Installation of sliding door handle


  • In principle, the installation of sliding door handles should conform to ergonomics, conform to the user's living habits, and use convenience as the starting point. Through on-site simulation and reinstallation, the installation must be firm, beautiful, safe, and flexible.


  • According to ergonomics and golden ratio, the installation height of sliding door handles is generally between 80-100cm. Use the lower handle to avoid bending over, and the upper handle to avoid building a ladder. During installation, all handles of the same sliding door must be neat and consistent, and the horizontal and vertical deviations should be less than 1mm. The length of all screws should match the thickness of the door leaf, and it is strictly forbidden to damage the door leaf. When opening a hole with an electric drill, the diameter of the hole should be the same as the diameter of the screw, and be careful not to damage the structure of the sliding door. When installing the embedded sliding door handle, avoid the situation that the opening is too large to cover.


  • The installation of the embedded sliding door handle adopts a nut structure on four studs. During the production process, four bolts are installed in fixed positions. During installation, four bolt through holes are formed on the door, and nuts are screwed on the four bolts respectively to fix the handle.


Installation of sliding door lock


Now aluminum sliding locks usually use spherical door locks at home. The installation method is as follows:


  • Determine the lock body and the center of the bolt, and determine the general position of the lock installation; draw a circle from the two center points, drill the lock body hole, and then drill a small lock body hole and dig the bolt socket at the same time; use the pointed end of the accessory to remove the inner handle; first install the bolt into the bolt hole on the side of the door, fasten it with a screw, and then install the lock body inserted into the lock body hole from the room, and the tail end of the lock tongue is buckled at the same time, so that the lock body and the lock tongue are combined.


  • Adjust the position of the outer adjusting ring so that the center of the lock body is at the position of the thick center line of the door; put the inner handle glove on the handle tube, press down the positioning card with the closed end of the accessory, and then push in the inner handle to make both If you use the key and the outer and inner handles to open flexibly, then the lock installation is correct. If the opening is not flexible, then the inner and outer handle installation has certain problems and needs to be adjusted continuously.


How to choose aluminum sliding doors?


  1. Profile


Long-term use will cause deformation of the pulley, or jump out of the door track when pulled. The current sliding doors on the market are mainly made of aluminum as the main material, and galvanized steel is used at the same time, which makes the current sliding doors have good rigidity, high strength and not easy to deform.


  1. Material


The sliding doors on the modern market are made of wood, metal, organic materials, and inorganic materials. Considering how to choose sliding doors from the material point of view, mainly depends on whether the material of the sliding doors is made of green environmental protection materials, and whether the amount of formaldehyde emission meets the national standard requirements. Secondly, it depends on which material you like.


  1. Pulley


The advantage of the glass fiber pulley is that it contains roller bearings, it is smooth when pushing and pulling, and it is durable and durable. The box-type closed structure can effectively prevent dust, and there are two anti-jumping devices on both sides of the pulley to ensure it is safe and reliable when sliding. It is a common pulley material for modern sliding doors.


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