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September 28,2021

Are you ready to decorate? Planning to take care of the purchase of small and large items in your home alone? But you are new to decoration? The aluminum sliding window is equipped by the real estate agent, but you want to change all the accessories on the window? Don’t worry, we will present you a shopping list of aluminum sliding window accessories.


The main accessories of aluminum sliding windows are window locks, pulleys, and handles.


Window locks


The window locks of aluminum sliding windows can be divided into two types, one is a crescent lock, and the other is a bar lock. The crescent lock is composed of a handle, a seat, a chain ring, and a lock hook. The crescent lock is installed in the middle of the sliding window. By pushing the handle, the chainring is driven to be buckled into the lock hook for locking. The bar lock is composed of panels, switches, and other small accessories and fasteners. If you use a fork bar lock, you must also pay attention to the thickness of the sliding window profile!




The high-quality pulley bearings are made of stainless steel, and the bearings are installed tightly. When sliding, the hand feels soft and there is no noise.




The handle can be installed and used together with the flat-shaped lock. The handle should conform to human mechanics and be humane. It feels smooth to use and has no blemishes on the surface.


aluminum window sliding latch lock


Installation method of aluminum window sliding latch lock


First go to the building materials market to choose aluminum window sliding latch locks. The lock body is simple and beautiful, high in strength, flexible to open, stable in function, strong and durable. Lean the lock seat against the bottom of the inner window frame to ensure that the orientation of the lock device is 1-2mm higher than the window frame to avoid affecting the sliding of the sliding window. Use a pen to draw the orientation of the self-tapping screws according to the screw holes on the lock base, drill 3 holes with a diameter of 2.5mm with a hand drill, and then fix the lock base with the self-tapping screws.


The other lock hole needs to be drilled after staggering the two windows. Close the two windows tightly, push in the lock cylinder, use a pen to find the position of the lock column on the outer window frame, stagger the two windows, drill a hole with a diameter of 11.2mm with a hand drill to make a stop lock hole, press the round plastic part Into the lock hole.


By reading the above, we also understand the installation method of aluminum sliding window lock. Our Foshan Yongyingfeng Buliding Material Co., Ltd.is one of the leading wholesale aluminum window sliding latch lock manufacturer and supplier and exporter and factory and wholesaler in China. If you need more, please contact us!