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September 28,2021

What is a security bolt?


The security bolt is the industry standard zipper, using a tension lock system to prevent accidental looseness due to vibration or impact. In order to receive the safety rope, there are drill holes on the head. The locking system can also be used as a visual aid. An inspection to confirm whether the zipper is attached. Safety bolts are often used in applications with extreme mechanical requirements, such as aerospace and racing.


Due to continuous shock, vibration, and torque deformation, the zipper used on machinery that is subjected to a large structural load in normal operation will become easy to loosen over time. In these high-stress applications, the failure to sign the key may have serious effects. In particular, a simple and effective method to prevent this is to use a safety bolt system. This system clearly shows that cheap, fast, easy to use, security and connection integrity are improving.


Open a special metal wire on the upper part of the safety bolt to pass through a round small hole, and twist the adjacent connector or other anchor points to maintain the tension between them. Insert the wires as shown below. The deformable material suitable for steel wire will maintain its shape after being added, and will maintain the locking effect until it is removed.


The security bolt line can be used in various specifications and materials, and can be used as a simple tool. The most commonly used specification and material is 0.032 inch (0.8mm) stainless steel wire. The tools used to tighten the wires are as simple and special machines as ordinary screwdrivers. Security bolt line connectors are widely used to improve the effectiveness of the safety bolt system. These trousers have a bracket similar to ordinary Lager glass. If the hole is longer than other holes and the edge is open, the screw of the washer is usually tightened, the sliding frame of the washer is bent upward, touches the screwdriver, and locks from the hole with a lock.


security bolt


Five tips to ensure bolt safety


  1. Size and grade--"Choose the right combination of bolt size and grade"


For bolt applications, not the larger the size, the better. Similarly, compared to low-grade bolts, high-grade bolts do not mean performance improvement. The combination of the two is the key.


  1. Bolt loosening--"Create elastic force for the joints to eliminate the problem of loose bolts"


Slack thread is one of the main reasons for bolt loosening. There are three main reasons for thread relaxation: rough or irregular surface settlement; relaxation, that is, polymers or composites and other textures become compact; creep, that is, the displacement or deformation of materials under the action of stress and high temperature. All three reasons can cause loss of pre-tightening force and cause problems with bolt joints.


  1. Bolt lubrication--"Choose the correct lubrication method"


For bolted connections, how to emphasize the role of lubrication cannot be overstated. Lubrication can minimize uneven friction. At the same time, the torque compliance ratio is reduced. Lubrication can also make installation and removal operations easier, and extend the life of bolts.


  1. Coating--"Coating can make the bolt connection more reliable"


The thickness of the coating may be only a few microns, but it can improve the performance of the fastener in many ways, including resisting corrosion, reducing friction, and improving appearance value. There are a variety of coating solutions to choose from, of which galvanizing is the most cost-effective and simplest. If this method cannot achieve satisfactory results, zinc alloy can also be used. If more protection is needed, it is recommended to use multi-layer zinc shavings treatment.


  1. Repeated use--"If the bolt must be reused, be sure to use lubricant"


Whether to reuse bolts is a frequently encountered problem. Compared to carrying spare parts of various sizes and grades, it is particularly convenient to reuse fasteners during field operations. In addition, the cost of reuse is lower.


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