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September 28,2021

We have briefly introduced what flush bolts for aluminium door are and the classification of flush bolts for aluminium door. Today I will continue to introduce how to measure flush bolts for aluminium door and the difference between flush bolts and countersunk head bolts.


Difference between flush bolts and countersunk head bolts


Many users are not clear about the measurement method of flush bolts and countersunk head bolts. Because the countersunk head bolts are flush, many people also call countersunk head bolts as flush bolts, which is wrong. So let's first take a look at the difference between the two bolts.


  1. The shape of flushbolts is different from that of countersunk head bolts. The head of the flushbolt and the screw are connected at a 90 degree angle.


  1. The function of bolt fasteners is mainly used for connection and fastening. When we install these two bolts for the first time, we will find that the head of the flushbolt is protruding, and the entire head of the flushbolt is exposed, which feels very strange. After the countersunk head bolts are installed, we will find that the bolts are almost all cut into the product, and the head of the countersunk head bolt is level with the surface of the product, and it feels no different. Therefore, many product shell bolts will use countersunk head bolts as fasteners, because it feels better and looks more beautiful.


  1. Look at the stress state of flushbolts and countersunk head bolts. Due to the different shapes of the two bolts, the degree of force between them is also different. Generally speaking, the force of flushbolts is greater than that of countersunk head bolts. Especially when countersunk head bolts are to be screwed into objects.


  1. Finally, in use, we can use flushbolts by flattening the washer and spring washers according to the actual usage. Because the head of a flushbolt and the bolt are connected at a 90 degree angle, it is more convenient to use. However, due to the limitation of different shapes of countersunk bolt materials, it can only be added with taper gaskets.


In the bolt fastener industry, countersunk head bolts, also known as flat head bolts, have a flat head and an unobvious shape, sometimes even not so subtle. Mainly choose to produce flush bolts or countersunk head bolts according to the use of bolt fasteners.


How to measure flush bolts for aluminium door


Let's briefly introduce how to measure flush bolts for aluminium door. The measurement of flush bolts includes four parts: bolt screw diameter, bolt thread length, flush bolt thickness, flush bolt diameter.


The specifications and dimensions of these four different parts are necessary parameters for the production of a flush bolt. Of course, with the economic development of the personalized era, many companies also have special non-standard flush bolts, such as the deformation of the thread of the bolt, the deformation of the head structure of the flush bolt, and the change of the head size of the flush bolt, which is outside the metric standard. The specifications and dimensions are all non-standard shaped bolt fasteners.


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