Window Lock-The Family Security Guard

September 18,2021

When we decorate the doors and windows at home, we need to use a lot of tools, such as corner connecting fittingsliding window handle, plastic corner joint, aluminium sliding window handle, sliding door window lock. However, window locks are related to the safety of the family’s property. Today, this article will talk about window locks and give you some suggestions about choosing window locks.


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Four Common Types of Window Locks


Window Latch

Window latches are the most usual sort of home window lock. They're discovered on most single as well as double hung home windows when they're mounted. Home window latches are easy locks that need to be enhanced by other locks to assist strengthen your window. They're discovered on the top of a window sash to secure the two sashes with each other when they're both shut.

Keyed Locks

If you're wanting to purchase an additional lock for your home windows, try a keyed lock. They're commonly paired with single put up home windows, double put up home windows as well as sliding home windows.

They're set up on the side of your home window and also safeguard it to the structure. Keyed locks, as the name indicates, can just be locked and opened utilizing a trick. It is necessary that you know where the secret is otherwise you will not be able to open your home window ever before once more.

Youngster Security Latches

Youngster security latches permit your home window to available to a specific level. Dual hung and also gliding home windows often have two collections of child security latches at 3 and 5 inches. You'll be able to circulate air in your house while protecting against anyone from entering into your home.

The factor they're called kid security latches is due to the fact that they're made much more to maintain children in your house than trespassers out. If your children are playing near an open window, they're in threat of falling out. Child safety locks relieve the trouble by preventing your home windows from opening up as well far. Your youngsters are secure and also you can take pleasure in a great wind.

Sliding Window Locks

Sliding window locks are very primitive looking locks that are very efficient in avoiding home intrusion. These locks can only be made use of with moving windows and also moving outdoor patio doors thanks to their design.

It's a lengthy strong lock that's put in the track on the side that protects against the window from opening. If you want to open your moving home window or door, all you have to do is take the lock out of the track. That's it-- it could not be any more simpler.


How to Choose Window Lock


Knowing the types of window locks is crucial for keeping you and your family safe. They can discourage intruders from attempting to break into your home and some can even protect your children from falling out of the window. Different types of window locks have different functions. We can choose window locks according our needs.


In a word, safety and security is just one of the most important aspects of any kind of home. While automated safety systems can go a long way toward protecting your household. Therefore, it is the time to choose a high-quality window lock for your home. We are window locks supplier. Any interests, welcome to contact us.