aluminium door push handle purchase guide

September 23,2021

Aluminum sliding doors are favored by many families because of its advantages of good sealing performance, beautiful appearance and strong corrosion resistance. They not only facilitate opening and closing, but also effectively decorate the family, create a close atmosphere and shorten the distance between people. At the same time, aluminium door push handle plays an important functional role in daily life. And there are varieties of handles on the market, so what should we focus on when choosing a door handle.

door handle

Suit measures to local conditions

When decorating, everyone wants to spend money on the blade. How to choose a suitable and cost-effective door handle for your new home? In a word, suit measures to local conditions. For example, household doors must be solid and safe, and those certified by the Ministry of public security are the best, while indoor doors pay more attention to beauty and convenience. Bedroom doors and living room doors are not often closed or locked. You can buy those with fewer times of opening and closing. Generally, 100000 times is enough, and 200000 times is a little "overqualified". However, the door lock of the bathroom has a higher frequency of opening and closing. You should buy door handles with better quality and higher times of opening and closing. In addition, health factors should not be ignored when purchasing door handles. For example, the bathroom is suitable for installing copper handles. Although the stainless steel door handle looks clean, it actually breeds thousands of bacteria, including gram-negative bacteria, Escherichia coli and Streptococcus. The bacteria on brass door handles are much less than those on stainless steel door handles, because copper can eliminate bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended that you install brass door handles in the bathroom at home, which is beneficial to your health.


Accurately identify the difference between the imported and domestic handles

The high-grade imported door handle can be divided into a full set of imported and imported accessories, which are assembled in China. The prices are different, so attention should be paid to distinguish when purchasing. Moreover, if the merchant says it is imported, he should be able to issue a customs entry form.


Appearance of door handle

First, check the surface color and protective film of the door handle for damage and scratches. A good door handle should have a relatively dim color, giving people a stable feeling. The line should be straight. If it is a crooked line, it is obviously defective, while a good bright door handle should have a color like a mirror, bright and thorough, without any defects.


Feel the texture of the door handle

For good door handle, it should be felt comfortable. Therefore, when purchasing, you can try to touch it to see whether the surface treatment is smooth and whether it is easy to pull. The edge of a good door handle should be smoothed, and there is no stubble sticking and cutting.


In summary

Although aluminum door push handle is small, it play a great role in our home and it can affect people’s feeling if it is not in good use. Foshan YongYingFeng (Y&F) Hardware Building Materials Co.,Ltd is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing hardware fittings, you can search more products about hardware accessories.