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September 28,2021

When assembling aluminum profiles, the most common connection method used is right-angle connection, but in addition, there are oblique angle connection and extended connection, and the following content will introduce them one by one.


The classifications of connection methods


👉Right-angle connection


The common connection method of aluminum alloy profile is right-angle connection. Commonly used accessories include corner pieces, hexagon socket bolts, built-in connectors, corner groove connectors, anchor connecting pins, connecting plates, and so on. These accessories can realize the right-angle connection of two profiles. If it is a right-angle connection of three profiles, three-dimensional angle connectors or hexagon socket bolts + elastic fasteners + special round head bolts are required for connection.


👉Oblique angle connection


Aluminum alloy profiles are sometimes cut corners, and at this time they will encounter bevel connection. The accessories that can be used are bevel connector, 45 degree angle bracket, 135 degree angle bracket, angle adjustment plate and so on. It can realize the multi-angle connection of the profiles, which also reflects the flexibility of the aluminum profile connection.


👉Extended connection


A profile is 6 meters long, but in many cases the total height or total length of the frame is more than 6 meters. At this time, you need to use an extension connector, which can also be called a grooved connector. When installing, insert them into the grooves of the profiles and lock them with bolts.


For Oblique angle connection, what else are corner connecting fitting needed?


In all the connection methods of aluminum profiles, in addition to the right angle connection, the connection of other angles can be called the oblique angle connection. Bevel connection requires the use of special accessories to complete the connection work. What are the commonly used corner connecting fitting for nut aluminum profile bevel connection?


👉Bevel connector


When a profile is connected at a cutting angle, a bevel connector is needed. The following figure is a specific installation drawing. It can be seen from the figure that when connecting, it is necessary to punch holes in the angled profiles, and then tighten them with fastening screws.


👉Corner pieces


The angle pieces used in the aluminum profile bevel connector are not right-angle pieces, but 45-degree angle pieces and 135-degree angle pieces. These two accessories can be used when the aluminum profile is cut at a 45-degree angle or a 135-degree angle for connection. The following figure is a specific installation effect diagram. As can be seen from the figure, the 45-degree angle piece and the 135-degree angle piece can be used at the same time, and the connection strength is high. During the connection process, bolts and nuts need to be used for fixing.


👉Angle adjustment board


When neither of the above two accessories can meet the requirements of use, the angle adjustment plate can be used for connection. The angle adjustment plate is suitable for connecting the profile at any angle. There are basically no restrictions on use, but the aesthetics are not very good. The inclined plane used in the workbench in the figure below is connected with an angle adjustment plate.


Final words


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