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September 28,2021

You may not have noticed that plastic aluminum profile plastic corners are simple but indispensable hardware accessories in your home. Today, we deeply discuss the plastic aluminium profile plastic corner. Let's start with the core - aluminum.


The nature of aluminum


Aluminum: silver white, can form an oxide film that prevents metal corrosion in the air, relative density 2.7g/cm3, melting point 660°C, boiling point 2327°C, high specific strength, good electrical and thermal conductivity, high reflectivity and Oxidation resistance.


Types of aluminum


Profile category: aluminum profile, aluminum pipe, aluminum bar, etc.


Sheet category: aluminum sheet, aluminum foil, aluminum strip (coil)


Casting category: aluminum castings, aluminum pellets


The main applications of aluminum profiles in construction are:


Doors and windows, curtain walls, daylighting roofs, canopies, partitions, decorative materials and structural components, etc.


What is plastic aluminum profile?


The inside of the profile is plastic steel, and the outside is aluminum alloy, which is called plastic aluminum profile. Plastic aluminum profile is an aluminum-plastic composite material; its basic composition should be five layers, that is, plastic, hot melt adhesive, aluminum alloy, hot melt adhesive, and plastic from the inside to the outside; it can be made into plates, pipes, etc., used for heat preservation, anti-corrosion and other fields. We are a plastic aluminium profile plastic corner manufacturer, get ready to serve you.



The characteristics of plastic aluminum profile




The design structure of plastic aluminum profile conforms to all principles of architectural mechanics.


Compared with other materials, it has higher corrosion resistance, will not be deformed due to moisture, will not shrink and soften due to sunlight, and will not become brittle due to freezing and ultraviolet rays.




Using processing methods that conform to the characteristics of plastic and aluminum, through special surface treatment, the actual life of products such as aluminum doors, windows, and curtain walls is synchronized with the building. Use plastic aluminum profile plastic corners at home, you don't need to repair or replace it frequently, which saves a lot of time. If you don't know where to buy, we are the leading domestic exporter and will give you the most professional advice.


👉Wind pressure resistance


Plastic aluminum profile has good hardness, high tensile strength and high wind pressure resistance. But in comparison, aluminum profiles are more suitable for high-rise buildings, and plastic aluminum is more suitable for decorations, such as plastic aluminium profile plastic corner.


👉The ease of processing


👉Easy to repair and maintenance




Plastic aluminum has a metallic luster, and through processes such as oxidation coloring or electrostatic spraying and fluorocarbon spraying, it can make hundreds of colors of products, decorate the colorful world, and give us beautiful visual effects.




Plastic aluminum has low density and light weight. The profile of the same length and the same section is only 1/3 of that of steel, which is very economical.


👉Environmental protection


Plastic aluminum can be recycled and reused after use. Its energy consumption during recycling is low, which is only equivalent to 5% of primary aluminum production, and its recycling rate during smelting is high. The loss per cycle is 3.5%-8.5%. It can be recycled repeatedly, avoiding waste of resources and environmental pollution.




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