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September 28,2021

Window is an important part of our household and it is also a critical factor for invest a set of house since ventilation matters a lot especially in coastal cities. In this article, we are going to introduce the types of windows and different materials of window frame. By the way, aluminum frame sliding glass window is the most common one.


aluminium frame sliding glass window


Common door window:


Flat window 


Flat window refers to the hinge installed on the side of the door or window to open inward or outward. So there are opening inward type and opening outward type under this kind flat window. The benefit of flat window is providing much fresher air for the resident. And It also eliminates the possibility of rainwater entering the house. However, opening the window outward will occupy the outside space which is susceptible to be damaged by great wind while opening inward window will occupy the indoor space also making it impossible to install screen window.


Sliding window


Sliding window refers to window moving along horizontal direction. The advantage of sliding window is concise, beautiful. Sash windows have a large area, so they have a broaden view and are easy to clean. The disadvantage of this kind of window is that two part of glass can not be opened at the same time, so ventilation is relatively poor than flat windows as well as poor sealing ability.


Hanging upward window


It is a new form developed on the basis of casement window. It can be opened in two ways, either flat or from the top. Therefore it can not only ensure a good ventilation but also the security as the application of hinge makes it impossible to break into the room. This kind of window is suitable for families that are usually not at home.


Classified by material:




Plastic frame with light weight has a good thermal insulation and lower price. What concerns the most people is that the aging problem of plastic frame as the window should withstand the good as well as bad even terrible weather for several years. Actually, the service year of window with a high quality can reach 100 around.




Aluminum alloy is a kind of metal so people shouldn’t worry about the aging problem. And it is tough enough which can bear heavy goods. But one of the most vulnerable areas of aluminum Windows is poor thermal insulation, because the metal is a good conductor of heat, so the temperature between the outside and the interior is transmitted along the frame of the window.




Wood should be the most perfect window frame material, no matter from heat insulation, sound insulation and other points of view have obvious advantages, and innate texture and natural pattern more exciting. Although it is woodiness, but actually some of the real wood that is used at doing window frame had passed layer on layer special processing, did not have moisture not only, the requirement is higher even was sucked adipose, come so, alleged woodiness had been same as fossil actually. The real wood after being processed, retained the appearance of wood only, quality is completely different however, won't craze is out of shape, need not worry about insect bite, be corroded more, intensity also increases greatly.


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