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September 28,2021

We will use a lot of hardware accessories in the repair of doors and windows in our houses. Among them, the aluminium profile corner joint plays a very important role. But many people don't understand it. Today’s article will mainly introduce aluminium profile corner joint.


aluminium profile corner joint

Nowadays, aluminum profile products are very popular, because aluminum profile links only need aluminium profile corner joint and do not need welding. It is more convenient to install or disassemble. But how should aluminium profile corner joint be classified?


The Classification of Aluminium Profile Corner Joint


First of all, according to the difference in the connection mode of the aluminum profile, we divide the connectors of the aluminum profile into external connectors and internal connectors:


The internal corner connections mainly include:


  • The angle groove corner jointis divided into the angle corner jointfor the profile and the a corner joint for the auxiliary profile.


  • Built-in corner joint: the length of the bolt used is determined by the depth of the profile groove。


  • Three-dimensional corner joint: two or more profiles can be connected together


  • Bevel angle corner jointused for non-90 degree angle connection of two aluminum profiles


  • Quick corner joint: usually used for 40 series profiles


  • Elastic fasteners: usually used for 30 series profiles


The external corner joint mainly include:


  • Corner fittings: profile corner fittings, cast aluminum corner fittings, L-shaped anchor corner fittings


  • Movable connection living hinge for two profiles


  • Indirect connection block for special connectors for aluminum profile fences


  • External connection board


  • The mesh clip is also a special aluminum profile accessory for fences


  • A relatively special angle adjustment plate for aluminum profile connectors


  • Eye screw 


  • bottom support


The Connection Methods of Aluminium Profile Corner Joint


  • Use anchor type connecting pins and built-in connectors. These two types are internal connectors, so they are roughly the same.


  • If these two a aluminium profile corner joint are used for aluminum profile connection, the advantage is that the connecting piece is hidden inside the aluminum profile, which does not affect the appearance, and partitions can be installed. Another advantage is that the installed rack or machine can be modified, and profiles can be added at any position, which is a right-angle connection with strong adaptability. The disadvantage is that the installation process holes need to be drilled, and there is more preliminary preparation work.


  • The advantage of using corner fittings foraluminium profile corner joints is that there is no need to punch holes and no tapping. The aluminum profiles are directly cut according to the required length, and then fixed at right angles by right-angle connectors, bolts and nuts. This is convenient and fast. The disadvantage is that it affects the aesthetics, and can not install partitions, glass and other accessories.


  • If the angle groove connector is used for the right-angle connection of the aluminum profile, the advantage is that the connection is not only beautiful, but also convenient and fast. But the shortcoming is that there is no good firmness of the above two kinds of connection methods, and it is suitable for frame combinations with low load-bearing requirements.


In a word, we cannot ignore the role of aluminium profile corner joint in the installation of doors and windows, If you want to choose high-quality aluminium profile corner joints, welcome to contact us. We are wholesale aluminium profile corner joint manufacturer,supplier,factory,exporter,wholesaler for sale.