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September 28,2021

There are many types of doors, such as side-hinged doors, sliding doors and etc. The former has been more common in our lives, but sliding doors are becoming more and more popular now. Of course, today our focus is not on the door, but on the door's essential hardware accessories --- aluminium sliding door push handle. Maintaining door handles are a very embarrassing problem and annoying. We are a aluminium sliding door push handle manufacturer and hope sincerely to help you.



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Introduction of aluminium sliding door push handle


Speaking of sliding door handles, many friends ask for it to be light. The material of aluminum can just meet this requirement. Because the material of aluminum is very light and compact, and it can be made into various shapes or colors and play a very good matching effect. This design can make the position of the handle more conspicuous, and will not cause additional pressure burden on the door, which is convenient for people to use and avoid frequent maintenance.


The handles used in other doors are generally combined with locks, which means that the door can be locked by the handle. The aluminum sliding door handle only has the function of pushing and pulling, and the lock needs to be installed separately.


The most important thing is that aluminum has high corrosion resistance. Therefore, aluminum sliding door push handles can be safely installed in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas that are prone to moisture.


How to choose aluminum sliding door push handles?


  • Aluminum sliding door push handles are usually made of aluminum profiles or aluminum alloys, and the difference between the two is not very large. But when choosing the size, you must be careful, if it is too large or too small, it will not be in harmony with the door.


  • Door handles are generally divided into single hole and double hole, more detailed can be divided into 32, 64, 76 hole pitch and so on. But the larger the specification, the higher the price. If you have no idea, please send us the specific dimensions of your door. As a professional aluminum sliding doorspush handles exporter, we will give you professional advice.


  • If you don't know how to judge the material and quality, you can buy products of well-known brands. This method is simple and efficient, and it saves time and effort for friends who have difficulty choosing.Panda is a leading aluminium sliding door push handle supplier, we are happy to serve you.



How to install aluminium sliding door push handle?


  • Choose an aluminum door handle that meets the handle hole spacing, check whether the parts and the hole can be tightly connected, if it is too tight, use a drill to expand it carefully. If it is too loose, just wrap tape on the part.


  • Disassemble the aluminum door handle first, and then assemble it at the handle hole. Apply some glass glue to the position where it is inserted into the hole. Use screws to fix the root of the connection between the handle and the door to ensure that it will not loosen.


  • After connecting the door and the handle, install the other parts of the aluminum door handle, and then adjust the horizontal position. The handles on both sides of the door should be aligned, and the handles of the two doors should be aligned. Finally, after checking that all parts are installed and stable, it can be used normally.


If the sliding door is not equipped with a handle, it will be difficult to open and close, especially for glass doors. If the aluminum sliding door handle is not installed, there will be many problems in use.


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Choosing a high-quality hardware accessory --- aluminium sliding door push handle is a simple and essential thing. Careful consideration is needed. We are wholesale aluminium sliding door push handle manufacturer, supplier, factory, exporter, wholesaler for sale, welcome to contact us.