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September 28,2021

Now, many people prefer to install aluminium sliding window. And you’ll find that the sliding window will become hard to push and pull. It maybe the aluminium sliding window roller is broken or other problems. Today, we discuss what if the aluminium sliding window roller is broken and the handling of common problems of sliding door.


Solutions of common problems of sliding door

The sliding door feels heavy and difficult to move. How to deal with it?

  1. If the lifting rail and lifting wheel are not matched, supporting products can be selected;
  2. When the lifting rail is deformed during installation, replace the lifting rail;
  3. If the lifting rail is not horizontal, readjust the horizontal plane of the lifting rail;
  4. If the lower edge of the door collides with the ground, or the positioner is not on the same vertical line with the door, adjust the height of the door or move the position of the positioner;
  5. If the bearing of the lifting wheel is poor or there is no bearing at all, or the outer coating is too soft, replace the lifting wheel;
  6. There is a height on the left and right of the door. Adjust the height on the left and right of the door.


How to measure the size of glass sliding door?

When measuring the size of glass sliding door, it is mainly to measure the height and width.


Measure the height dimension. First measure the height of the sliding door, then add the depth of the glass opening above the sliding door, and then subtract 0.1cm, which is the accurate dimension of the height of the glass sliding door. For example, if the height of the sliding door is 45 cm and the depth of the upper glass groove is 0.8 cm, the height of the glass sliding door should be 45.7 cm.


Measure the width dimension. As long as the space (width) of the sliding door is measured accurately, then divide the dimension into two, and add about 3cm on each side, that is the width dimension of the glass sliding door. For example, if the opening of the sliding door is 100 cm, the width of the two glass sliding doors is 53 cm respectively.


How many times can the roller sliding door be pushed and pulled?

Sliding doors are generally required to be pushed and pulled more than 60000 times, and large brands can reach more than 100000 times. The material of roller is also very important. At present, there are mainly three kinds of plastic pulley, metal roller and glass fiber roller. The plastic roller is hard, but it will become astringent, hard and unable to slide over time. The metal pulley has great strength, but it will produce noise when in contact with the track. Glass fiber has good toughness, wear resistance and smooth sliding. In addition, good pulleys are often designed with two anti jump devices to ensure that the sliding door is safe from derailment. This warns users to choose carefully when purchasing sliding doors.


Several methods of installing doors in kitchen and toilet

The original door openings of many kitchens and bathrooms are generally small. There are two ways to install sliding doors:


  1. Expand the original door opening and leave space for two doors, which is more flexible. The bathroom can be locked;
  2. For the installation of monorail sliding door, a sandwich wall can be made, which can be hidden when opened, or installed on the side outside the door opening. If installed on the side, it is best to make a box in the style of curtain box above the door opening, which is both beautiful and safe.


How to clean the sliding door?

  1. Regularly clean the sliding door surface with a soft cloth stained with water or neutral detergent. Do not use ordinary soap and washing powder, and do not use strong acid-base cleaners such as decontamination powder and toilet detergent.
  2. It is not allowed to use sandpaper, wire brush or other abrasives for cleaning. After cleaning, clean with clean water, especially where there are cracks and dirt, and wipe with soft cloth stained with alcohol.
  3. If the main material of the sliding door is plate material, the wet rag used during cleaning should not have too much moisture, as long as it is kept moist.


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