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September 28,2021

There are various tilt and turn windows sold on the market, but how much do yo know about the tilt and turn window?  What are the benefits of this kind window? In this article, we will introduce the above information for you. Please read on it.


aluminium tilt and turn window for kitchen

The reason to choose aluminum tilt and turn window for kitchen

Tilt-and-turn systems are popular, due to the fact that they can be set up anywhere and also are superior to single put up, double hung and basic casement home windows in all regards. Benefits consist of:

  • Double performance offers you more opening choices

  • Easy ventilation for more fresh air

  • Leave home window open safely without risk of kids falling or leaning out

  • Straightforward cleansing from inside your house

  • Energy effective with modern-day dual and also three-way glazing

  • Secure with lockable handles as well as several locking factors

  • Great as a fire escape

  • Inswing casement suitable with window displays

Handrail of the aluminum tilt and turn window

Enter tilt and turn. It was invented in Germany and long since standard in most of Europe, it combines the best features of both and without the disadvantages of both. By rotating into the horizontal position, the casement swings fully open similar a door. Continue rotating it untill the full 180 degrees and the casement tilts inwards to allow fresh air in.


Hardware and Fittings


Finally, whether your window is timber, uPVC or aluminium clad, we offer a range of fine German fittings for every tilt and turn window, starting with handles. From aluminium to stainless steel, Neuffer carries a variety of handles in different materials and styles including non-locking and locking (push button or key. Each sash and profile can also be upgraded with multi-point locks and different hinge options. Whatever your choice, our German engineered and manufactured windows are low maintenance and will last for many years.


Special Glazing Options

Most tilt and turn windows possess  double glazing and triple glazing, each custom window can be fine-tuned to fulfil your exact needs and specifications. First and foremost, in order to achieve a top energy rating as well as save money, it is critical to choose glass with a low Ug-value such as 0.7 or 0.6 (lower numbers mean better insulation). You'll want a minimum of two, and ideally three panes per window. 


While double glazed windows have become standard, building and energy standards are moving to triple which is now recommended for new windows. Choosing warm edge spacers between panes along with argon gas filling will further boost thermal performance and reduce your monthly energy bills.


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