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September 28,2021

Locks and handles are an important part of components such as doors, windows, sashes and drawers.


wholesale aluminum door locks and handle


Structural characteristics of aluminum door handle

1. The handle is of steel and plastic structure. The main body is made of engineering plastic injection, and the force-bearing coupling shaft is made of plain carbon steel. Galvanized screws and rivets are protected by plastic sealing caps, and their shapes and structures are novel and beautiful.


2. The handle manufacturing process is simple, advanced, and reliable. All parts are manufactured by molds; the production efficiency is high, the size interchangeability is good, the source of materials is wide, and the cost is low.


3. The thickness of the adjusting washer of the handle is between 2-8mm, so it is more flexible, convenient and versatile when used with plastic windows of different size profiles.


4. The handle has good elasticity and self-locking, which can ensure the locking requirements of the finished window and improve the water tightness and air tightness of the plastic window.


5. The anti-corrosion performance of the handle can still be maintained after more than 10,000 times of wear under stress.


6. According to user requirements, the handle surface can present a variety of colors.


7. The handle is not only suitable for anti-corrosion plastic windows for industrial plants, but also for side-hung plastic windows with different profile cross-section sizes for ordinary buildings.


Door handle cleaning and maintenance methods

Methods as below

Align the suction tube of the vacuum cleaner with the key hole of the door lock to suck out the dust inside.


Then wipe with lemon on the stained area.


Finally, wrap the door handle with a clean rag and turn it in a circle with your hands. Look, the handle is almost the same as the new one.


When cleaning the door handle, you also need to pay attention: cut the lemon and leave it for 1 minute before using it. The effect will be better; after cleaning, you can drop a little lubricating oil into the key space to prevent it from rusting and make the door easier to open. If there is black waste formed after oxidation on the metal handle, it can be removed with a toothbrush dipped in blue teeth.


Regardless of whether it is a metal or plastic handle, you can use the above cleaning methods.


Maintenance of door locks

Different from commercial hardware standards, civil hardware accessories are used for a long time and are prone to many problems here and there. Especially for door locks, such high-load operating parts have a long service life, and it is inevitable that there will be a little failure. It is often found that some users and friends, the damage of the door lock in the home is often caused by improper use or maintenance.


Some things to pay attention to when maintaining door locks



Put some lubricating oil into the keyhole, maybe the door lock will be smooth all over immediately? In fact, oil is easy to stick to ash, and dust will easily accumulate in the keyhole in the future, which will form greasy putty, which will make the door lock more prone to failure.


The correct solution: sharpen some broken pencils or broken candles, blow them into the lock cylinder through a thin tube, and then insert the key and turn it several times.


The door does not open smoothly

Due to the gravity of the door leaf or the door hinge, the door leaf sinks and the door is locked or opened not smoothly.


The correct solution: you should check the reason first. If the door leaf is sinking due to loose leaf, fix the loose leaf with screws. If the door frame is deformed or the reason is irreversible, you can start with the door frame and expand the bolt accordingly, so that the door lock can open and close the door smoothly.


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