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September 28,2021

Nowadays, many people tend to choose aluminum windows and doors to decorate their houses due to a lot of merits the aluminum windows and doors own such as light weight and high strength, good sealing performance, good durability and convenient use and maintenance and other advantages. However, many people are easy to neglect the role of aluminum windows and doors rollers, it is one of metal door and window rollers. Except aluminum windows and doors rollers, there are many other materials of window and door rollers. The following are different materials of window and door rollers.


Three types of window and door rollers


Plastic door and window rollers:  

plastic door and window rollers have a wide variety of styles and rich colors. They are both practical and decorative. They give people a sense of fashion with changeable shapes. They are wear-resistant, waterproof and corrosive. They can be used in a timely and long-term manner. Good load-bearing performance, so it can be used in a wide range.


Metal door and window rollers:

Metal door and window rollers are also divided into many types, such as copper rollers, stainless steel rollers, aluminum rollers, alloy rollers and so on. This kind of door and window roller gives people a cold and hard feeling of metal. This kind of roller has advantages of rich colors, large hardness, good bearing capacity, good wear resistance and waterproof performance, but the corrosion resistance of metal is not good, and it is easy to rust after long-term use. It is more suitable to be used as a heavy door and window rollers.


Wooden rollers:

The wooden rollers made of wood will give people a warm and real feeling. Its unique feature is that it has the pattern of wood itself, so its appearance is beautiful and decorative. However, the bearing capacity of this kind of pulley is not particularly good, it is not very wear-resistant, waterproof, and it is easy to absorb water, resulting in loose structure. It is generally suitable for use as a light weight door and window pulley.


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