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September 28,2021

For a long time, the edges of light weight aluminum alloy doors and windows are linked by corner joint, which are usually put together by side seals, repaired frames and also edges and also fixed with screws. This sort of link is very challenging as well as difficult. Today this article will introduce a new type corner joint-aluminum corner joint for aluminium profiles.


What is Corner Joint for Aluminium Profile


wholesale corner joints for aluminum profiles

Corner joint for aluminium profiles, including an arc-shaped cover with a 45 ° centerline symmetrical structure, a set of external edges and an inner edge connected to both ends of the arc-shaped cover by a press gadget, as well as an arc with a 45 ° centerline balanced structure.


The outer edges and the heat-insulating strips are prepared as a buckle link, and also the heat-insulating strips and the internal edges are set up as buckle connections.


It is geared up with bent assistance plates and warm insulation strips, that make the outer corner and internal corner framework easy to disassemble as well as construct.


The technical field characterized by the manner in which the linking piece is chosen or in the framework is particularly a light weight aluminum alloy corner profile.


This new kind aluminum alloy door and window corner joint for aluminium profiles., which includes 3 parts, namely indoor and also outside.

Alloy profile, as well as the middle component is gotten in touch with warmth insulation product into a whole. The center connection component is called "heat-breaking chilly bridge". The chilly bridge not only has high part stamina as well as anti-aging efficiency, can meet the needs of windows and doors, but likewise is a good one The thermal insulation material acts as a barrier that the warm current does not lose heat outward in wintertime as well as the outside heat does not flow to the within in summertime. The corner joint for aluminium profiles. of aluminum alloy doors and windows includes two parts: the corner body as well as the arc-shaped cover bolt.


The corner joint for aluminium profiles. can ensure that the door frame will not be deformed, thereby extending the service life of the door frame.


The Advantages of Corner Joint for Aluminium Profile


  • Simple installation steps


The installation of the corner joints for aluminum profiles is mainly to connect and strengthen the stability of the frame. The steps for installing the corner joints for aluminum profiles are also very simple. The corner pieces are installed at 90 degrees between two vertical aluminum profiles. First install the bolt and T-nut washer spring washer on the corner piece, next screw the nut on the bolt, and then follow the notch to clamp the nut in the groove. After adjusting the position according to the required size, tighten the bolts by hand. Finally, tighten it with a screwdriver.


  • The connection strength is high


The corner connection is one of the best among all aluminum fittings, so generally large equipment frames are connected by corner joints for aluminum profiles.


As an accessory in the connection of aluminum profiles, corner joints for aluminum profiles are well received and loved by customers. We are wholesale corner joint for aluminium profile manufacturer,supplier,factory,exporter,wholesaler for sale. Any interests, welcome to contact us.