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September 28,2021

In door hardware, locks and handles are essential for security. Whether it is a handle or a door lock, security considerations should be the first choice when choosing. Which type of door hard ware locks and handle is right for you?


wholesale door hardware locks and handle


Types of door hardware locks

Smart Lock 

Smart locks refer to locks that are different from traditional mechanical locks and are more intelligent in terms of user identification, safety, and management. The smart lock is the executive part of the door lock in the access control system. Smart door locks mainly include fingerprint locks, electronic password locks, electronic sensor locks, remote control locks and other types. There are currently four unlocking methods: App unlocking, key card unlocking, mechanical key, password or fingerprint unlocking.


Anti-theft door lock core

The anti-theft door lock cyndrical tube is actually the lock cylinder inside the anti-theft door lock. The anti-theft door hair cyndrical tubes made use of in the market are actually basically separated in to three levels, particularly A-level, B-level, as well as incredibly B-level (also known as C-level).


Types of door hardware handle


The handle can be divided into single hole round type, single strip type, double head type, hidden type and other product types according to the style. Different styles of handles have different decorative effects.


Although it is small, it is very conspicuous, and it is also a component that easily attracts attention. Therefore, with the general pursuit of beauty in modern home decoration, the styles of handles are becoming more and more diverse. Handle is divided into different styles, mainly including modern minimalist style, Chinese antique style, and European pastoral style.


Surface treatment

There are also many ways to handle the surface of the handle, and handles of different materials have different surface treatments. The surface treatment of stainless steel material includes mirror polishing, surface drawing, etc.; the surface treatment of zinc alloy material generally includes galvanizing (white plating, color zinc plating), bright chrome plating, pearl chrome plating, matte chrome, hemp black, black Paint etc.


Common specifications

Common specifications of handles are divided into single-hole and double-hole handles. The hole pitch length of the double-hole handle is generally a multiple of 32. The hole pitch (the hole pitch refers to the distance between the two screw holes of a handle, not the actual length, the unit is mm) is the standard, divided into: 32 hole pitch, 64 hole Common specifications such as pitch, 76 hole pitch, 96 hole pitch, 128 hole pitch, 160 hole pitch, 192 hole pitch, 224 hole pitch, 256 hole pitch, 288 hole pitch, 320 hole pitch, etc.


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