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September 28,2021

Normally, doors accessories include lock body, door handle, lock cylinder, ordinary marble door lock and door lock magnetic alarm and so on. Detailed introduction of them will be showed in these article.


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🔈The lock body

For general household purchases, it can basically meet the safe use of the family. The width of the lock body must be 241 mm in the standard requirements. The design of the lock body generally chooses a large latch. This kind of The direction of the lock body cannot be adjusted, so it is safer to use in life, and the price of the accessories of this kind of anti-theft door in the market will be relatively higher.


🔈The door handle

It is also one of the necessary items to open the door, so they are all made of aluminum alloy. Compared with the iron in the past, this Russian-Chinese material has the advantage that it is not easy to deform, does not change color, and is more durable and stable. It is glossy in appearance and can be transformed into different shapes to increase the security of the anti-theft door, so it is one of the very important accessories of the anti-theft door.


🔈Lock the heart

The first accessory that directly affects the security of the anti-theft door is the use of the door lock. In the profession, we call the three-piece set of anti-theft door accessories, which includes the lock cylinder, the lock body, and the door handle. The best part is made of zinc alloy. This material feels smoother, has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, has a longer service life, and is not easy to be damaged by repeated thrusts.


🔈Ordinary marble door locks

Ordinary marble door locks are the most commonly used door locks. After the door is locked, it can be opened indoors with the handle attached to the lock, and the key can only be opened from the outside. The indoor safety button can not be opened with a key outdoors, and the bolt can be fixed in the lock body so that the door can be opened freely. The outdoor safety mechanism can prevent the bolt from retracting freely after the door is locked, and prevent the bolt from being unlocked by foreign objects outside. The lock with the anti-disassembly function prevents the lock from being removed from the outside of the door.


🔈Door lock magnetic alarm

There is also an indispensable anti-theft door accessory newly added to the current anti-theft doors, called a magnetic alarm, which is mainly used to detect the two magnetic configurations. The alarm will be activated when a certain distance is exceeded. This accessory Installed on the anti-theft door can have a good anti-theft effect. Basically, every family now has such a device. In addition to paying attention to the anti-theft door accessories, home users should also pay attention to the start-up of these anti-theft devices, when to open and what settings, they must be checked regularly, there is no battery to replace, to ensure the normal use of the device.


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