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September 28,2021

Patio pull door handle is a common hardware accessory. The style is completely dazzling. There are many designs for one style. How can I choose to be more in line with my home decoration style? Here are some information about purchasing skills of patio door handles, it is recommended that you can understand in detail before buying.



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Classification of patio door handles


Although the door handle is just a small accessory, it has a strong decorative ability. Choosing a good door handle can make the whole design more textured. So, how to classify the door handle?


  • According to the material, it can be divided into all metal door handles, aluminum alloy door handles, plastic door handles, ceramic door handles, glass door handles, resin door handles, crystal door handles, zinc alloy door handles and stainless steel door handles. At present, the ones we use most should be aluminum alloy door handles, ceramic door handles and all-metal door handles.Certainly, as a patio pull door handle manufacturer, more materials of door handles are available.


  • According to the style, it can be divided into single-hole door handle, double-hole door handle, single-strip door handle, hidden door handle and double-headed door handle, etc. The hole pitch of most double-hole door handles is a multiple of 32.


How to choose door handle?




When choosing a handle, you should buy it according to the size of the cabinet, doors and windows, to make sure that the size should be moderate, otherwise it will affect the beauty of the entire cabinet or doors and windows. If you don't know the specific size, I suggest you go to the physical store to touch it. Of course, you can also send us the specific dimensions of your doors, windows and cabinets. As a professional door handle supplier, we will provide you with a good service.




The handle must be selected according to the style of the house decoration. Although the handle is small, it is very conspicuous. If you buy a different style of handle, it will be particularly abrupt. Different styles of home decoration can use handles of different materials, retro styles can choose all-metal handles, classic styles and pastoral styles can choose ceramic handles, and modern minimalist styles can choose aluminum handles or stainless steel handles.




When buying a handle, you need to see whether the protective film on the surface is still present, whether there are obvious scratches, etc., and try to choose a handle with a brighter gloss. You can also go to the physical store to feel the texture of some handles, especially the edge position must be smooth, if it may scratch your hands, it means that the handle is unqualified. As a reliable exporter, we promise our products are all high-quality, you can feel free to use it.




When buying a handle, you can use two handles to tap each other, the sound is clear and best. Some inferior handles will be filled with cement in the tube. It feels heavy to hold, but the sound is dull.


👉Screw hole


When buying, pay attention to the screw holes on the back of the handle. The larger the screw hole, the easier it is to install, and the smaller the hole, the more precise it is required. Try to choose the size you are familiar with, because the handle is very easy to install and replace, there is no need to waste extra money to hire professionals. We wholesale door handles in large quantities and can provide you with OEM/ODM services.




Handle is an accessory we often use, so we had better not buy unqualified products just because of low price. It is best to choose a brand with a better reputation. If you are buying an imported product, you must ask the merchant to show the import certificate to avoid being deceived.



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